Product Overview: GOTRAX Apex Electric Scooter

Today we'll be doing a quick overview on one of our most popular electric scooters for teens and young adults: The Apex electric scooter. A lightweight, foldable, easy to ride e-scooter that is perfect for quick rides around the neighborhood or to the park. We'll breakdown specifications, features, and more!

Man riding a GOTRAX Apex Foldable Electric Scooter for Teens and Adults

The Apex electric scooter features a rear wheel 250 Watt Motor that assists when riding uphill and acceleration off of start as well as reach a top speed of 15.5 mph. The motor is surrounded by 8.5" air-filled pneumatic tires which can handle any bumps or cracks in the road that come your way. While we start to move up the sleek, new-design frame we come across the deckboard. Here we can find the 36V 6.0aH (216Wh) battery that provides a range of up to 15.5 miles per charge. 

Man carrying the GOTRAX Apex Electric Scooter for Teens & Adults in the folded position up stairs
Past the deckboard and battery compartment you'll see a bright red lever, this is part of the one-tourch folding mechanism. Now to find out how you fold a GOTRAX electric scooter. It varies from model to model, but for the Apex you just need to pull the red lever and red safety pin at the same time. Once you lock it into the rear fender latch, you're ready to pick it up and go. Thankfully, this e-scooter only weighs 32lbs so it shouldn't put too much strain on you when you have to carry it up stairs or over unrideable terrain. Finally, the handlebar assembly and digital display. You can find the throttle, brake handle, LED headlight and LED digital display on the assembly. The Apex is a kick to start model of e-scooter so you need to push off 2-3 times and then press the throttle to engage the motor. The display will give you readouts on current speed, miles traveled, headlight control and more. 
We hope this quick overview answered any questions you had about the Apex Electric Scooter. If you have any more, please be sure to reach out to us through our Customer Support or Social Media pages!

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