What are the most common problems on a hoverboard?

1. What are the most common problems on a hoverboard?

All vehicles, whether electric or not, have their limits. Better to prepare yourself for some recurring hoverboard problems in order to know how to deal with them. The most common malfunctions on this type of vehicle are as follows:

The battery has less autonomy than expected: the autonomy of the battery displayed by the manufacturer is often an estimate given for a minimum weight and on flat and paved ground. If the battery seems less efficient than expected, the origin of the problem can be varied. Extreme temperatures (cold or hot), wind, being overweight, a journey with many climbs or descents, extreme acceleration or uneven terrain can drain the battery and lead to a significant loss of autonomy.

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The hoverboard does not respond correctly: a calibration problem can cause slow or illogical reactions to commands. In most cases, a recalibration of the hoverboard solves the problem. This manipulation consists in resetting the internal gyroscopic system of the hoverboard. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to do it.

The hoverboard beeps or displays an electronic indicator: here too, a recalibration may be necessary. It also helps to resolve electronic communication problems between the various parts of the device that cause this kind of malfunction.

The hoverboard no longer works: if the hoverboard no longer has any reaction during ignition, the reasons can be varied. Either the battery is faulty and a simple replacement can solve the problem, or it is a more serious electronic malfunction and it will be necessary to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

2. What are the dangers of hoverboarding?

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Hoverboarding is easy, but you’re never safe from an accident. The smart wheel hoverboard still requires a certain balance and a certain control, and a fall quickly arrives, especially when you go fast.

To gain balance and avoid falls, it is advisable when you start to train on smooth and regular surfaces before moving to more uneven surfaces, and especially to exercise in places with little traffic.

To protect yourself in the event of a fall, you can wear protective gear such as a helmet, knee pads or elbow pads.

3. The advantages of this revolutionary urban mobility

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  • Ecological: In the city, many people still use their car for journeys of less than 10 kilometers. With a hoverboard, you’ll use electricity as your energy source, and cut your CO2 emissions significantly.
  • Master key: Never get stuck in traffic again. The hoverboard threads its way through the city. If a real obstacle occurs, such as a staircase or an area under construction, you just need to take it by hand for a few meters before setting off again while driving.
  • Accessible: Young people and adults can learn to use this device in just a few moments. No need to pass a license or any traffic code, a little training, and you can conquer the city.
  • Economic: The price of a hoverboard is much lower than a scooter, and does not require additional equipment, insurance, or fuel. Leave your car in the garage, and save the cost of parking.
  • Pleasant: The feeling on a hoverboard is like no other. You feel like you’re floating above the asphalt, and can enjoy the scenery and the fresh air at a pleasant cruising speed.
  • Around the hoverboard: Urban mobility has undergone a small revolution in recent years, notably thanks to the development of new technologies and support for innovative start-ups. In addition to hoverboards, you can meet on the market electric skateboards, gyro-wheels or electric scooters.

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This diversity of gadgets explores everyone’s needs in terms of daily mobility. Those wishing to benefit from more freedom of movement will be able to benefit from other advantages of these alternative transport. In town, it is now possible for you to say goodbye to the car, thus avoiding traffic jams, the cost of fuel and parking… The bicycle, certainly economical, ecological and pleasant, requires a bicycle parking lot, or other specific parking spaces.

Exploring the different innovations available on the market, and their characteristics, will help you determine which ones can meet your travel needs while respecting your budget.

It’s your turn! Now that you have all the keys in hand to weigh the pros and cons between the different models available on the market, all you have to do is decide on the hoverboard that suits you. The experience of this type of travel will undoubtedly change your outlook on mobility day by day, and the feeling of freedom offered by these little gems of technology will make you want to conquer new horizons.

4. How much does a hoverboard weigh?

A hoverboard weighs about 12 kg, which is heavy enough to give you stability, and light enough for you to carry it. Of course, depending on the hoverboard size, the weight will vary.

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5. What are the minimum and maximum weights supported?

As a rule, hoverboard manufacturers require a minimum weight of 15 to 20 kg for child models, and 25 to 30 kg for adult models. The 10 inch models, with large wheels, may even require a minimum weight of 40 kg! If the weight is lower, the risk is simply that the hoverboard for cheap price does not detect the driver. The maximum load weight, meanwhile, is between 100 and 150 kg. It is generally indicated in the product specifications.

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6. What are the dimensions of a hoverboard?

There are 5 sizes of hoverboard, depending on the wheel diameter:

  • The 4.5-inch hoverboard: rather suitable for children between 2 and 6 years old (less than 18 kg), it remains quite limited and is less efficient than other models.
  • The 6.5 inch hoverboard: for children over 18 kg and teens, it is perfect for smooth surfaces or indoors (but less efficient on uneven or uneven surfaces). It is recommended to begin.
  • The 8 inch hoverboard: it is an alternative between the indoor hoverboard and the all-terrain hoverboard because it allows you to ride on uneven surfaces and offers more steering comfort than small models.
  • The 8.5 inch hoverboard: with its puncture-proof wheels, this hoverboards self balancing scooter is all-terrain and it is the favorite model of experienced riders! The wheels are higher and therefore more stable, even on uneven terrain.
  • The 10 inch hoverboard: it is the largest and therefore the most stable. In general, it has inflatable wheels. It is ideal for rural areas and rough terrain.

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7. What age can you ride a hoverboard?

There isn’t much age to start hoverboarding. You just have to adjust the size of your machine to your weight. Thus, a child under 18kg can very well hoverboard if he chooses the smallest model (4.5 inch hoverboard). Indeed, models 6.5 inches or more will only start if they detect a certain weight (from 20-30 kg) on the device.

You should know that even if the electric self balancing boards is easy to use, there is still a risk of injury from falls or speed. It is therefore recommended, for children, to wear protective gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads).

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8. How to calibrate / reset a hoverboard?

Recalibration allows you to reset your hoverboard’s motherboard just in case. This option is useful if your hoverboard is no longer moving forward or has tilt problems. To recalibrate your hoverboard, you must first make sure that it is turned off, and that the board is parallel to the ground. Then press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds. Turn off your hoverboard, then turn it back on: your device will be like new, out of the factory. Be careful, you shouldn’t reset it too often or it will wear out much faster.

9. How fast is a hoverboard?

On average, a hoverboard has a speed of 15 km/h (but of course it depends on the models). There are models that can go up to 10 km/h, while the larger models can reach a maximum speed of 20 or 25 km/h. It is possible to increase the speed by modifying the motor coupling, but this manipulation is not recommended because it could jeopardize your warranty. The benefits of hoverboard are undeniable, but there is a law to ride hoverboard in cities, you must comply with public laws for the area where you live.

10. Are all hoverboards waterproof?

The answer is no. Not all brands produce waterproof dashboards like a waterproof segway for example. There are several waterproof models, but not waterproof. What is the difference? If you step out on your water resistant skateboard and it begins to drizzle, you probably won’t damage your skateboard if you continue to roll it in light drizzle.

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10.1 Why does the hoverboard fear water?

Your hoverboard will not melt or turn into a red-eyed monster and attack you if you leave it in the rain. These devices currently run on electricity and the electrical components fear water.

In fact, the motherboard and the lithium-ion batteries that power your card are not designed to be in contact with water. This implies that if you wet your hoverboard, it will probably stop working.

Many models have some degree of water resistance. This is noted by the IP protection rating. As mentioned above, these vehicles can withstand a light drizzle.

Some may even survive the passage of a few small puddles, but we still advise you to avoid them. The risk is to expose the electronics and the battery to water.

10.2 What to do if a hoverboard is soaked?

It depends on the humidity level of your board, the degree of dirtiness of the water and its resistance to water. Unfortunately, the steps for repairing a hardened surfwheel or hoverboard are not the same as with a wet phone.

You can’t fix the hoverboard by throwing it in a huge bowl of rice and waiting for everything to dry out.

If your hoverboard gets wet, the first thing to do is to switch it off immediately and contact the manufacturer. Depending on the amount of water that has entered the device, it may still work after it has dried completely.

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11. How to clean a hoverboard?

Cleaning a hoverboard is very easy. All you need is a sponge, water and soap, and a towel or paper towel to wipe. You can clean the most inaccessible parts with a cotton swab. Attention, it is especially important not to clean your hoverboard with a karcher because the smart wheel hoverboard is not waterproof (even the models which are insensitive to splashes).

12. When and how to charge your hoverboard?

Like any electrical device (computer, telephone), the battery of a electric hover board wears out over time. On average, it will last between 600 and 800 full cycles, or about 6 months of daily use. The batteries reputed to be the most reliable and the most durable are the Samsung batteries (but beware of counterfeits).

To find out if your hoverboard needs to be charged, just look at the battery indicators available on most devices, or the app, for hoverboards that have one. The indicator is red when your hoverboard is at the end of its autonomy and its battery needs to be charged (sometimes this is accompanied by sound notifications).

For safety, it is advisable to leave the hoverboard off while charging. You should definitely not turn it on while it is charging! Depending on the models and the state of your battery, the hoverboard will take between 2h and 5h to charge.

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13. How to choose the battery of your electric hoverboard?

To choose the right battery for your hoverboard, you must take 3 parameters: the size of the battery, the voltage and the amperage.

A voltage of 36V and an amperage of 4400mAh (or 4.4 Ah) are required. This is essential to be compatible with the motherboard of the vehicle. Motherboard for Hoverboard.

In order not to have a problem choose a lithium ion technology from Samsung, LG or something, it is the same manufacturing plant. These are the same battery technology found in hover shoes, hoverboard for kids or different types of hoverboard, electric bike, electric motorcycles, electric unicycle, electric scooters or electric moped scooter, electric go kart, elecric skateboards and Segways, etc.

When talking about an electric vehicle, the question of autonomy depends entirely on the type of battery. It is therefore an essential and even essential criterion here. In the market, you will see several types of batteries that can be used to operate your overboard. In this regard, it must be said that Samsung batteries are the best because they last longer and are less likely to ignite. On the other hand, avoid going to buy on questionable sites and refrain from batteries of Chinese manufacturing.

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14. Are there hoverboard competitions?

If there are not yet official international hoverboard competitions, there are figures who make this mode of transport an extreme sport, just like skateboarding or surfing. Among the official figures, we find the No Hand Spin, the 360 Spin, the Double Spin 720, the Triple Spin 1080, the Quadruple Spin 1440, the board grab… You just have to get started to become a hoverboard champion!

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15. Summary

In summary, the benefits of hoverboarding are manifold. Being a machine intended to evolve on all types of terrain, it is also the reproduction of a skateboard, the two side wheels. This means, of transport are the subject of the most serious research by American and Japanese startups. Specialized in transport technology, they have imagined the means of transport of the future, among which is the Lexus hoverboard. This machine works, thanks to a technology based on the control of magnetic fields. This mastery tends to improve with the discovery.

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Films back to the future relegate this device to the rank of special effect, a simple fiction. However, in terms of invention, this machine could be assimilated like shoes which tire themselves. Currently, no hoverboard without wheels is on sale on the market, but that will not be long because the demonstrations have already convinced the crowds and inspired creativity among engineers.

Much more interesting than a simple new mode of travel, the USA self balancing scooter is a real fashion accessory adopted by many celebrities in the United States of America. This adoption having helped to make the buzz around the machine, and therefore, to help its improvement, we will not say anything bad. Reference engine in ecological terms, it recharges and provides 2 to 3 hours for autonomy, which will be used to cover 25km. This electric skateboard is therefore ideal for going to work or for making short daily trips, moving around the house or at the grocery store around the corner. Once the levitation of the aircraft has been brought under control, air traffic services will have to be set up in urban areas. Indeed, the future described by Robert Zemeckis and many others will materialize when all households have their flying skateboard.