Vespa Elettrica – the first electric scooter of the brand from Italy

At the EICMA 2016 event, the world’s largest motorcycle exhibition is taking place in Italy. Piaggio has announced the launch of its first electric-powered Vespa Elettrica concept.


As you may know, the Vespa is a brand from Italy. The name already exists and is famous for two-stroke engines and four-stroke engines. This time the Vespa will bring to the project tent about the clean energy scooter. The new Vespa Elettrica project. To distinguish the scooter with conventional engines. This famous car made an impression on the electric scooter. Piaggio has designed contours along the body of the product and wheels. Along with the product is the new paint for 2017

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According to Piaggio, “Vespa Elettrica will be the first electric scooter to use an electric motor. And it gives the rider the feeling of driving a traditional Vespa engine. “

There is no detailed information as well as the specifications of the electric scooter. According to Piaggio, which owns the Vespa brand, this electric scooter uses the latest electric motor technology. This product is no different than the current Vespa, with the advantages of style, ease of use and inspiration for the driver. This is a great product for moving without polluting the environment.

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The Vespa Elettrica electric scooter will still carry the traditional steel frame. The other information is not disclosed. The company said it would sell the new electric scooter model by the end of 2017, with prices hidden. Predictably, this is just a test of the famous Italian car maker, preparing for the inevitable trend in the future.