The different types of hoverboards

1. The different types of hoverboards

On the market, you will be surprised to see the extent of the catalog available for sale… Indeed, not all hoverboards develop the same performance and are not all capable of crossing the same terrain. Thus, depending on your environment, certain devices will be more or less adapted to transport you every day to your workplace. A flat urban route, without too many significant obstacles (high curbs, stony areas, grassy terrain, dirt track, damaged sidewalk, protruding roots, etc.) will be easily passable with a road hoverboard with small wheels.

On the contrary, uneven, grassy and stony terrain may damage an unsuitable hoverboard, and it would be better to opt for an all-terrain model with a more or less significant seal.

There are also real all-terrain champions, equipped with wide wheels fitted with thick cleats. These devices are designed to pass through the most demanding environments (grass, puddles, stony earth tracks, slopes, thick curbs, mud, dust, snow, etc.). These all-terrain models are obviously more expensive than light urban-only devices, but allow comfortable outdoor adventures, without risk to the integrity of the best hoverboard, and ensuring high-level resistance. Note, however, that all-terrain models are also the heaviest.

If the majority of hoverboards are by default developed for adults, there is a market specially dedicated to children. These hoverboards for the youngest bear an average weight of 60 kilos, and their speed is limited in order to avoid any risk of serious fall.

What is the aquatic hoverboard?

The aquatic hoverboard also called Flyboard is the aquatic version of the hover board sale, as the name suggests. Invented by the Frenchman Francky Zapata, it consists of a board connected to a jet ski and which floats in the air thanks to the power of water. Many tricks and somersaults can be performed with an aquatic hoverboard.

2. What is the difference between a Segway and a hoverboard?

The Segway and the hoverboard are two very similar devices. Both have a gyroscopic motor, unlike for example the electric scooter or the electric skateboard, which both work with conventional motors. The particularity of this engine is to operate with sensors, to remain permanently stable depending on the inclination of the machine. It is therefore by creating an imbalance that we operate the real life hoverboard for sale because the engine will start to restore some stability.

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However, there are a few differences between the two devices: the biggest difference is that the hoverboard does not have a handlebar, unlike the Segway. In addition, it is smaller because more compact, and is therefore more convenient to transport. The smart wheel hoverboard is also cheaper and can be equipped with options like Bluetooth or LEDs, unlike the Segway. Finally, it has two motors, Segway has only one motor.

2.1 Is Segway different from hoverboards?

If today it is common to come across single-seat electric vehicles on the street, it is not always easy to identify them. Hoverboard, Segway, electric scooters and many names that we do not always associate the right vehicle.

The common denominator: the gyroscopic engine

Apart from the electric scooter and the electric skateboard, which work thanks to electric propulsion and/or traction motors, Segway and other 2 wheel hoverboards have a type of motorization which owes its name gyroscope, an invention dating back to the 19th century, by Léon Foucauld.

If the use of the gyroscope at the time would be too long to detail in this article, it is interesting to know that this tool allows to reveal the principle of conservation of the angular momentum in physics, also called gyroscopic stability.

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Using the gyroscope process, the inventors of the first gyroscopic engines use sensors to calculate the angle of inclination of the vehicle platform and to send information to the engine which will restore its own stability by seeking to straighten out .

For a gyroscopic engine to start and therefore to move a hoverboard forward, the driver will have to create an imbalance by pressing his feet forward on the platform. The engine will then seek to restore a stable position which will lead the vehicle to move forward.

2.2 What is the difference between a hoverboard and a Segway?

Among the single-seat electric vehicles using gyroscopic motors, the best known are the hoverboard two wheels and the Segway.

What is a hoverboard? The main difference is that the electric hover board does not have a handlebar, while the Segway has a handlebar. The hoverboards are also smaller than the Segways and the prices of the hoverboards are also much lower, allowing everyone to have them, which is not the case with the Segway. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

2.3 Segway versus Hoverboard

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The hoverboard is…
  • Rather cheap.
  • Has either 6 inch, 8 inch or 10 inch wheels.
  • Compact, has no handlebars, and has 2 motors ranging from 500 to 800W.
  • Can have options like: bluetooth, speakers, LEDs.
  • Hoverboard is another type of single-seat vehicle that you often see on the street. Often used by children, this electric vehicle is much more compact and cheaper than Segways, but it can also be used by adults (see 8 and 10 inch wheel models).
  • Their performances are also obviously lower than those proposed by a Segway, but here the use is not the same. Indeed, if a hoverboard can do everything to serve as a real means of transport, it is actually often used as an object of leisure.
  • The other advantage of a small hover board is its ease of handling. Over time, manufacturers have developed a few accessories that make hoverboard driving more original and fun. It is possible to add a hoverboard kart on your smart balance scooter to transform it into a 3-wheel vehicle. The smart balance scooter is then driven in a seated position, and the pilot drives it with handles. Note that it is possible to buy the vehicle + the hoverkart accessory together by purchasing a pack including a hoverboard + a hoverkart.

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The Segway is…
  • Rather very expensive.
  • Powerful, but bulky and heavy.
  • Has 2 wheels, a handlebar, and has a motor that can go up to 2000W.
  • There are also two other kinds of gyroscopic vehicles: gyros and gyropods without handlebars.
  • Segways are among the most expensive electric vehicles on the market, they are also the first to be marketed on a large scale.
  • If other vehicles have since come to meet the expectations of the general public regarding the price, the fact remains that the Segways have today found their real target: police, businesses, security, security, museum visits , competitions, golf course. Segways are used on specific occasions when their power and size are useful.

3. What to choose: hoverboard or Segway?

If when they came out I would have advised you each of these two vehicles, each for a particular use, it is different today.

Unless you are looking for a hoverboard for your child, Segways, for an individual, will be too expensive and unmanageable every day in town, especially if you live in an apartment.

The advantage is that today other single-seater electric vehicles are out, with the main goal: to meet a high demand for compact and inexpensive electric vehicles like a hoverboard, but with a performance worthy of the name, making it real electric vehicles and not just recreational items.

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The other two: the SEGWAY and the mini SEGWAY

Segways without handlebars keep two wheels like a Segway, but with a shorter gyro handlebar used as a seal. These are easy to handle, around thirty minutes are enough to learn how to use them.

These two types of vehicles are designed for similar use. Their prices are roughly the same (count between 600 to 1800 dollars depending on the characteristics).

However, these two electric vehicles have quite a difference, and the first of them is the number of wheels. If a mini Segway will have two wheels, the Segway will have only one central wheel, with two pedals on the sides to rest the feet of the user. The other major difference between Segway and Mini Segway is that the manufacturers seem to have made their choice.

Indeed, if some new Segways without handlebars and electric scooters continue to come out, the news is much more numerous on the side of electric wheels, with in particular the recent appearance of electric all-terrain unicycles with incredible autonomy and speed performance.

It is up to you to decide which vehicle interests you the most. For an electric vehicle for the city with autonomy and good characteristics I advise you to go to an electric scooter (it takes a week to learn).

For those looking for a leisure object for children and the family, I recommend the inexpensive hoverboard and which can also be equipped with a hoverkart kit to become a real hoverboard with seat. With electric go kart kit this will help you create truly professional races with your friends with the race called f1 racing hoverboar.