Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Drift Kit – Outdoor Racer Pedal Car Review

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Drift Kit, an upgrade accessories from Segway Ninebot helps customers experience the enjoy the same with Formula 1 racing, bringing a whole brand-new way of using Mini Segways, it fits and supports Segway miniPro and Ninebot S in installations for upgrading. They have a knee support bar and are created quite well in different ways. It is important to inform everyone that this Gokart is only suitable for use with these 2 products rather than any other regular Segways. Avoid this review if you currently have one of these models, or do not plan to buy this model.
Essentially, the Ninebot GoKart Kit is a Ninebot mini self-balancing kit for cars, a unique accessory that makes the ninebot a GoKart racing car, controlled by a steering wheel, brake by foot brake and Accelerate by accelerating the accelerator. It is like a go-kart design expert. It even has a guide wheel and handbrake that can let you control drift, something many children and adults will surely love. Riding it will certainly feel like you are on the track, you simply do not need to try to carry any kind of wheel.
Designed to control the car instead of driving, the structure of this sports kit is quite simple. We have a beam frame made of extremely strong steel, covered outside are plastic parts designed with a sporty style. Next to it is the appearance of two front wheels, which are linked to the steering system via the steering wheel. Like a real racing car, the kit is also equipped with 2 pedals, with the left pedal connected to the electronic brake system and the right pedal to help users control the throttle and speed.

The GoKart kit is also equipped with a mechanical handbrake, which allows users to use it to slow down in an emergency, very safe and effective.

The entire Kit makes up the front half of the car, while the second half is also the main driving part of the car that will be taken care of by the Ninebot mini Segways itself. Speed control system, from the accelerator pedal to the rear wheel via a special controller. Allows the driver to actively accelerate or decelerate quickly. The kit provides the driver with 3 different running modes, for beginners (limited to 8km / h), normal mode (limited to 18Km / h) and sport mode to allow a maximum of 24Km / h.

To ensure safety, the manufacturer has used both wired and wireless link (Bluetooth) simultaneously for the speed control system. By default, the speed control will be carried by wired link to ensure stability. However, when you realize that the connection is too slow, the Bluetooth system will be activated to help people continue to control their Segways.

The GoKart Kit front-wheel drive system uses inflatable tires, just like a sports car. Just for good traction, bring comfort to the driver, by the car is not equipped with shock absorbers.

The front wheels are guided through a 3-spoke sports steering wheel, square design like a Formula 1 race car. With a small design and a small steering angle, the car navigation will be faster and safer, especially Especially when running at high speed.

The GoKart sport kit is also equipped with a 2-part front bumper, the outside is a force absorbing layer that uses plastic material. Inside is a sturdy steel frame, which helps prevent deformation and ensure the driver’s safety against collisions.

The GoKart sporting activity kit is also furnished with a 2-part front bumper, the exterior is a pressure taking in layer that utilizes plastic product. Inside is a tough steel framework, which helps prevent contortion and also make certain the motorist’s security against collisions.
GoKart Kit Ninebot is designed for people of different ages (maximum height of 190cm). Therefore, it allows adjusting the vehicle length and steering wheel height in many different positions, helping to give the driver the best seating position. Vehicles can withstand a maximum load of up to 100 Kg. Although it is not capable of loading weight at an optimal level, it can benefit bicyclists with a lighter weight. It can be sized to work, suitable for people about 6 feet tall as well as 5 inches tall.
GoKart Kit also has the ability to link to the App on the phone to give users the parameters of speed, distance traveled along with many other information. This app, similar to all Segway products, really interacts very well and has some great features. This makes it a technical dream for you. It has three driving levels for you, perfect to adapt and to suit the driver’s age, as well as their experience.