Piaggio launches smart electric bicycle at EICMA 2014

By | December 12, 2018
Piaggio’s first electric bike was unveiled at EICMA 2014. As part of the Piaggio Electric Bike project, the new electric bike of the Italian car company is equipped with modern technology. Products have a modern design, personality, but also quite classic. This is reflected in the color of the product, the profile is trimmed and the curved handle is the same as the classic bike.
Piaggio Electric Bike owns a very light aluminum frame, just behind the sprocket is a compact electric motor developed by genuine Piaggio. The battery pack of this electric bike is under its saddle, this is a 400Wh lithium-ion battery with IP65 water resistance. With this battery, Piaggio Electric Bike can operate in the range of 60-120 km depending on the running conditions.
Technology is the highlight of the Piaggio electric bike. It has full integration of mobile connections like Bluetooth, NFC, USB. In there, the USB port can charge the mobile device and update the software.

In addition, the Piaggio Electric Bike is an electric bike with high security. The control panel, battery and motor only work when they are connected smoothly. If one of these three components is “locked” your electric bicycle will become completely useless. In addition, the built-in GPS/GSM battery functions as a positioning and status indication of the battery.