Mini Segways

1. Who invented the hoverboard Segway?

Along with the development of science and technology, there are revolutionary inventions, including Smart self-balancing personal transporter, also known as two-wheel self-balancing scooters, Segway electric scooterMini Segway or Segway. This two-wheel hoverboard is an excellent personal transport vehicle, it has two large wheels and it operates on a very smart self-balancing mechanism invented by Dean Kamen. This interesting product was designed and manufactured by Segway Inc in the United States. The smart self-balancing personal transporter with an extremely beautiful, eye-catching design and comes with outstanding features. Certainly this is one of the interesting modes of transportation and will likely give riders a new experience. Every user using this personal vehicle has one thing in common: it is very comfortable and smooth. Not only that, this mini segway hoverboard with no handles also gives you an extremely outstanding personality style. Every time when you use it to move, surely people on the road will enjoy it.

A few years ago, this fun moving vehicle was not possible, but today it is the magic of science and technology in the world. Because, its design is like coming from the future and its use has attracted the attention of young people from the first appearance. This electric scooter adult has created a tremendous fever when it appears in most public places, parks, shopping centers, amusement parks.

Segway’s standout compared to other electric vehicles is the self-balancing mechanism thanks to the computer system, engine and gyroscope placed inside the suspended board. The internal system allows Segways without handles for sale to have only two wheels, but is always in equilibrium. Of course, the driver just leaned forward or backward to control the hoverboard going forward or backward. Segway has a steering wheel called the “Lean Steer”, if the rider wants to control right or left just tilt the steering wheel toward it.

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Drift Kit


2. Where can I buy a Segway? Here is the list of best Smart Self-balancing Personal Transporter:

The products we have listed have received good reviews from buyers on Amazon. You can enjoy the comfort of driving a smart self-balancing personal transporter. And have fun or moving around in an interesting way. In order to help you find the right ones for you, we have included specific details which show clearly the age ranges, skill levels, ride models, weight, pros and cons. With Segway boards reviews will help you to have knowledge about the Segways with no handles and easily make a final decision. Segway hoverboards reviews will give you valuable information to help you optimize your Segway buying option.

Mini Segways

Segway miniPRO

Mini Segways

Segway Ninebot S

Mini Segways

Segway miniLITE

Mini Segways

Ninebot S-Plus

Mini Segways

Eco-Glide 19″

2.1. Segway miniPRO Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter (2018 Version)

Mini Segways

Segway MiniPRO (Version 2018) is a technological breakthrough in the development of personal transport. This one wheeled scooter has a very different design and style than the hoverboard. Segway’s MiniPRO (2018 Edition) has exclusive Ninebot technology. Turn Segway mini-PRO into an intelligent two-wheel electric scooter with safer features for riders. There is also the ability to move with higher speeds and longer battery life. Segway’s amazing self-balancing personal transporter will make your travel easier than ever. MiniPRO (Version 2018) is built to easily cross a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains. What about segway Mini Pro price? The price of the Mini Pro is not cheap, but this is the best self-balancing scooter, so you have the peace of mind of its safety.

Why not experience the future of personal transport today? Segway MiniPRO is a genuine self-balancing scooter that comes with the innovative technologies that the hand free Segway brand has been working hard on. For this two-wheeled self-balancing scooter you will not need to spend hours practicing proficiency riding. MiniPRO’s innovative knee bars and precision sensors will allow riders a better experience than ever before.

MiniPRO comes with a 800 watt dual motor, it is designed to overcome obstacles, slopes and other types of terrain without losing your safety and stability during the trip. In addition, this personal vehicle is portable so this Segway no handle bars is easy to carry and store in the trunk. Moreover, the knee control bar can be easily removed. This makes the Mini Segway fit in a small space so extremely convenient.

How fast can a Segway go? This two-wheeled self-balancing scooter can customize auto headlights, LED taillights. You can easily check the safety to make sure you are safe when you ride with a day or night trip. Segway MiniPRO, when fully charged, is capable of traveling at up to 10 miles per hour. Also, it has a range of up to 12.5 miles.

You can download the application for this self-balancing personal transporter. The smartphone app will allow you to adjust light colors, customize safety features and drive mode, check and diagnose MiniPRO activities. You can even remotely command your Segway mini Pro to move.

2.2. Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter

Mini Segways

Segway Ninebot S is built for field trips and entertainment with friends. Your job is just to stand up and Ninebot S will take you to your destination while you have time to experience and enjoy the exciting trip.

Ninebot S has an easy-to-learn driving way for beginners. The design of the knee control bar is also very user-friendly. So with its great features, Ninebot S has become the first choice for adults and children. All ages can master Ninebot S in just a few minutes. So add Segway’s Ninebot S to your personal vehicle list and it will be your right choice as well as riders around the world.

You can easily practice driving with the training steps available on the Segway-Ninebot application. To ensure the safety of new users, Ninebot S will limit the maximum speed when moving. Until the user can complete all the steps for beginners, the new Ninebot S provides speeds of up to 4.3 miles per hour. When the new rider completes the first 0.6 mile range, the maximum speed will be limited to 6.2 mph. Everything interesting starts here, you can disable the speed limit through the Segway-Ninebot App and reach a maximum speed of up to 10 mph.

This intelligent autonomous vehicle is made of a magnesium alloy frame for aircraft manufacturing only. So Ninebot S has become very light and durable. The Ninebot S is also portable and very compact, it weighs only 28 lbs and can withstand a load of 220 lbs. In addition, Segway Ninebot S also has a knee control bar that can be easily retracted and removed quickly, allowing it to be stored in the trunk of a car or cupboard.

How fast is a Segway? The maximum speed of Ninebot S can reach a maximum of 10 miles per hour and a slope of 15° with the help of a dual 400W motor. If the Ninebot’s battery is fully charged, this Segways with no handles can run with a range of up to 13.7 miles.

What’s also special is Ninebot’s intelligent battery management system that will notify you of the status of voltage, current, and temperature in real time. So you can check, query and monitor battery status, potential battery errors. Ninebot S uses 10.5-inch non-slip vacuum tires. This tire will improve stability, slip resistance and shock resistance during your trip.


2.3. Segway miniLITE Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter

Mini Segways

Segway miniLITE is a shortened version of Segway miniPRO. miniLITE continues to inherit advanced technologies from previous smart self-balancing personal transporter models. It also has the same large vacuum tire and provides the same maximum speed as the miniPRO. So self-balancing scooter is also compatible with the Ninebot-Segway mobile application that Segway has released. This two-wheeled self-balancing scooter also handles all terrain such as urban streets, indoors and garden lawns.

The miniLITE is equipped with 10.5-inch vacuum tires and an extremely powerful 1400-watt motor. Segway electric scooter can reach a top speed of 10 mph and give a range of 11 miles on a fully charged battery. Therefore, Segway hover boards can easily overcome obstacles, ramps, gravel, grass, small rocks or debris that riders may encounter.

The knee control bar of the miniLITE is completely removable. This will help you easily store in tight spaces such as the trunk of a car or a small cupboard. And changing its appearance to a Ninebot go kart will also bring many interesting experiences for riders. The fact that it relatively looks like go kart frame kit.

On the Ninebot-Segway app will help you learn how to drive miniLITE quickly and safely. Moreover, you can customize the rear LED to ensure visibility, diagnose vehicle errors, adjust steering sensitivity, adjust riding-speed, update firmware and many other interesting gadgets.

2.4. Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Mini Segways

It has the very same alternatives as the Mini Lite, all with slightly higher power performance, all for a lower price. Nevertheless the weight is much more essential. If this is partly due to the 11-inch wheels (a little larger than the Mini Lite), it is especially the incorporated 800W motor (thanks to the effective dual 400W motors) as well as the hull that have a lot to do with it (around 6 kg a lot more).

Segway Ninebot S-Plus has good driving freedom, making it among the most efficient economical Segways in this industry. The actual variety is 22 miles.

The 54V lithium battery is additionally easy to charge with an optimal time of 4 hours, very sensible for reenergizing in the office for instance. The Segway comes with a cost in addition to a handbook (which is additionally offered on the Ninebot mobile application).

It has an intelligent anti-theft alarm, extremely useful when you leave your Segway in a public area. A stand is also offered to allow the mini Segway rest when not in use.

The large footrest is really pleasurable and also keeps the body in a steady stance throughout the trip, contrary to an electrical wheel, on which one hinges on each side of the wheel.

The system has LEDs front and also back but additionally on the wheels (controlled through the application, just like the riding mode), in addition to signage behind the saddle. This mini Segway can get to a maximum speed of 12.5 mph, while climbing to 10% elevation thanks to its 800W motor.

It also has the same choices as the MiniLite readily available through the push-button control provided with or the application and specifically push-button control using its smartphone, but also the possibility of switching it off and on from another location (via the push-button control or the smartphone).

2.5. Eco-Glide Smart Self Balance Scooter Personal Transporter 19″

Mini Segways

This two-wheeled self-balancing scooter has 19-inch tires and it is capable of crossing a variety of terrains during the trip. The manufacturer has spent a lot of time to research and develop its strong design style. So it is claimed by the manufacturer that it can perfectly handle almost any rough surface. Even this off road scooter is easy to control, has outstanding speed and agility. Especially, this personal vehicle can balance itself, even when there is no driver. Eco-Glide is equipped with LED headlights for lighting and signal lights at the back. With Eco-Glides light system will assist riders to go out at night so the hoverboard with handlebars is very safe. This skateboard with handle has a similar form to Segway x2 SE and is also on sale on Amazon. If you want to find great premium products like this one, you can learn about Z-Scooter – Vespa’s unique self-balancing scooter. Eco-Glide also has a powerful 8.8AH lithium battery, which has been certified by Samsung. The hoverboard with handle also has a molded plastic handle bag, which will help you store your personal items. In addition, the Eco-Glide Smart Self Balance Scooter also has a kickstand used to set the device when turned off or charging. And the key of Eco-Glide is also programmed to add a layer of security to avoid theft. This two-wheeled self-balancing scooter has a mode for beginners to learn to ride. This Segway with handle can move at high speed and is capable of saving battery longer than other brands of self-balancing scooters. In short, Eco-Glide is made for all ages and all levels of riders.

3. Compact size and subtle design:

The two-wheeled self-balancing scooter are designed with a compact, friendly and sophisticated design. This type of hoverboard with small size that it can be stored inside the car trunk and can be like a self-balancing skateboard. Customers buying smart self-balancing personal transporter will use their legs to control the hoverboard. The design of the smart self-balancing transporter is quite simple: The internal structure is a high-grade magnesium alloy. Rubber coated and comes with two moving wheels. Two LEDs and a shelf that allows it to balance itself without the handle.

In addition, the weight of the smart self-balancing personal transporter is only about 28.2 pounds. So you can easily carry or carry alongside very suitable for travel.

4. How fast does a Segway go?

Smart self-balancing personal transporter uses an electric motor. So, the hoverboard mini Segway only needs to charge once the battery is it that can travel over 13.7 miles. This intelligent personal transport device provides riders with a top speed of 10 mph. And especially it has the ability to climb up to 15 degrees. Thus, the smart self-balancing personal transporter demonstrates that it is a very energy efficient technology device.

5. Connect smartly to your phone:

Smart self-balancing personal transporter is a smart electric vehicle with smartphone connectivity. This allows you to track traffic situation or upgrade application software. So, you can rest assured at home or workplace that you can still observe, know where the relative is located, safe or not or self-balancing smart scooter movement speed. The self-balancing two-wheeled scooter will surely make every customer satisfied by its outstanding features and perfect quality.

Users can manage this two wheel scooter via the application installed on the smartphone. Through the application, users can check the speed of the smart self-balancing personal transporter, power consumption, distance traveled as well as updates on software.

6. Where to buy hoverboard Segway?

Where to buy Segway?” or “Where to buy a Segway?”. Many savvy consumers choose to shop online to save money and time. Nowadays, it is considered the best way to buy devices and gadgets. It is convenient. It’s no surprise that more and more stores are online. Amazon is the best place to buy hoverboards. Some others like Ebay or Aliexpress also sell hoverboards, but the quality differs considerably from Amazon. If you wish to ride on a street sport-style electric vehicle, this self balancing scooters for sale is not suitable and we also have valuable information about the best electric skateboards for you.

  • Support – If you have questions or doubts about your 2 wheel scooters, you can ask a question or call a hotline.
  • Free delivery – Many hoverboards, for example from Amazon, are delivered free of charge.
  • Compensation – If your hoverboard is damaged or does not correspond to the quality promised by a description, you can obtain compensation or technical support.
  • Consumer reviews – Online stores contain tons of the hoverboard Segway reviews for every product, especially on hoverboards. It is always remarkable that the person bought an item and that the opinion is sincere, or if a comment is false. People’s opinions, help us and direct us to make a good purchase.
  • Security –  Many problems were caused by problems with Segway hoverboard batteries: they were of unknown origin and even explosive. Amazon has removed many dangerous models from the market and tested the quality of the battery for each company.
  • The hoverboard Segway price –  How much is a Segway? How much is a mini Segway cheap?The Segway scooters prices or the Segway cheap prices in an online store is generally lower than in regular stores. It’s the fact that online stores are much cheaper than a physical store.


  • Delivery time – Sometimes it takes a long time for your item to be shipped.
  • Product damage – During shipping or due to industrial damage, some products may be of inappropriate quality. But you can cancel such an order and even get compensation.