How to build an electric skateboard?

How to build an electric skateboard?

Skating, especially on a longboard, can be a great way to get around. But surfing on the street takes a bit of breath, and if you don’t want to swim, getting a skateboard with an electric motor and a remote control will cost you a few kopecks.

Then you can just build one with a drill!

The idea of using a drill to power a skateboard is not new, but the solutions offered are not always easy to implement. offers you the opportunity to build one yourself. It’s surprisingly simple!

Concretely, the operation consists in fixing a metal disc on one of the front wheels. Then, just connect this disc to your drill with a corner connector and a flexible transmission piece, to allow some freedom of movement while riding. Acceleration and speed will therefore be controlled directly by the drill. The rest is pretty self-explanatory: the drill turns the wheel, the wheel drives you forward.

The entire project should cost less than 200 dollars, assuming you already have a drill and a skateboard, and no more than 500 dollars if you start from scratch. It’s a fun, simple and inexpensive project.