How much does a hoverboard cost?

1. Why buy a hoverboard?

First of all because it is a modern, cool and entertaining means of transport. However, this symbol of a new generation of vehicles has many other advantages that make it ideal for travel in urban areas.

The hoverboard is a device:

  • Ecological: As an electric vehicle, the hoverboard emits no gases and does not pollute. Therefore, this device can easily reduce carbon footprint and participate in collective ecological efforts. Lovers of new sensations and environmentally friendly modes of transport, indulge yourself with the purchase of a hoverboard. You order a few clicks on our website and enjoy a quick and safe delivery.

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  • Economical: Much more economical than any other means of transport, hoverboard involves very little expense once purchased. Choosing a high-performance battery will easily allow you to travel a little more than 20 km for a charge of 1 hour 30 minutes. In addition, Samsung or LG brand batteries are designed to support more than 500 charges. The hoverboard is therefore a practical way to get around town for free.

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  • Ergonomic: Most 6 and 8 inch models weigh 12 kg and can therefore be easily transported. They can be stored in a closet, whether at home or in the office. A transport backpack will allow you to easily store your hoverboard once you arrive at your destination, while avoiding having to search for a parking space.

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  • Fast: Depending on your weight and your route, the hoverboard can reach a speed higher than 15 km / h This will make any journey of less than 5 km in the city faster by hoverboard than by car.

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2. How much does a hoverboard cost?

2.1 How much is a hoverboard with wheels?

The cost of a hoverboard depends on several factors:

  •  The model
  • The brand
  • Design
  • Options (Bluetooth, remote control, LEDs, etc.)

To give you a price range, we can say that a hoverboard will generally cost between 100$ and 1000$.

2.2 We will introduce many quality cheap hoverboard:

how much do hoverboard cost

With a quick and completely intuitive handling you will master your speed in style and will not leave anyone indifferent to your passage! The ultra-sophisticated sensors of the Segway ensure a perfect balance both in motion and when stopped for maximum safety. Its non-slip grip allows perfect grip even at peak speed, for maximum comfort. Its wheels are puncture-proof and its board hyper-resistant to shocks.

Resolutely design, the hoverboard models on our website are available in strong and modern tones. Bright red, Black Elegance, Clicking gold, Metallic gray, Power blue or immaculate white. Impose your style and wake up the city!

2.3 We offer models of electric skateboard hoverboard for the whole family:

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Hoverboard 8 Inches is perfect for teenagers and classic urban residents. It offers many models that are easy to use and extremely mobile, practical for facing the urban jungle. Thanks to them and their puncture-proof wheels, any journey of less than 5 km in the city becomes faster than by car or public transport.

The 4×4 models are made up of the 10 inch Hoverboard perfect for riding and having fun in more difficult places to access. Their wheels equipped with inner tube and cross tires, which provide an ideal suspension for hoverboarding on rough terrain. In addition, thanks to their more powerful motors, they will allow you to climb most of the obstacles in your way while maintaining your balance.

2.4 We always want to help buyers find the best hoverboard:

how much do hoverboard cost

For skaters, you will love the electric skateboard category to enjoy the sensations of skateboarding and the pleasure of hoverboarding. Faster and easier to handle, electric skateboards are controllable using a remote control that allows you to accelerate and brake at will. The best hoverboard is the ideal electrical device to increase your riding sensations. Ideal for long journeys, it can also be used in freewheeling like a classic skateboard in case of discharged battery.

And finally our famous electric wheel perfect for adults and daily transport in town with a higher price. Practical, compact and comfortable, it is the latest generation urban transport vehicle perfect for a city trip without any effort. These electric hoverboards are light and easy to store while being efficient. They make it possible to reach a speed of 20 km / h while being very easy to control and brake.

In Full LED headlight version for driving at night or integrated Bluetooth 2.0  connection to advance in music, you will necessarily find your model. Do not hesitate to mark your signature by customizing it with our various fun accessories offered online, to make your hoverboard a unique model, just like you.

3. How to choose a hoverboard?

how much do hoverboard cost

The choice of the model of your hoverboard will depend on 2 major criteria: your weight, and the terrain on which you expect to ride. You should know that below 20Kg the gyroscopic sensors will not work perfectly, so we do not recommend the purchase below this weight. Note that above 120Kg, hoverboards will not work either. More simply, to use a hoverboard it is necessary that your weight is in the range: 20-120KG.

Regarding the land of use, you have the choice between 4 product ranges: 6 Inches, 8 Inches, All Terrain (Hummer) and 10 inches. For classic use on urban roads, sidewalks and tarmac, you can choose the 6 and 8 inch model. If you want to ride on rougher terrain (small gravel, land, sand mixed with soil, garden, etc.) We recommend the models of all-terrain hoverboards and 10 inch Segway. Also note that the handling of the hoverboard skateboard will depend on the size of the wheels. The larger the wheels of your hoverboard, the more the handling of the device is reduced. The speed of rotation of the aircraft will be slower on a machine equipped with 10 inch wheels than on a hoverboard with 6 or 8 inch wheels.

4. Hoverboard: buying guide

how much do hoverboard cost

We have seen the sidewalks of cities, in recent years, new users riding hoverboard along the street. What they are, these strange little motorized robots advance and overcome obstacles to transport their owners. Are they one of the future inventions?

Is it a little superfluous gadget or a real alternative to modern daily mobility needs? The hoverboard is a focus of progressive technology and deserves a close look.

You have to be prepared for falls, because the place where you put your feet to stand is 15 cm from the ground. So we advise you to equip yourself with suitable protection such as a helmet and wrist protectors to train.

It is transportable thanks to its bag provided for sale. The hoverboard for cheap price is for all ages and all genres. Adolescents as well as adults, wishing to be initiated into this new way of moving effortlessly are invited to do so on dozens of forums. According to figures provided by a brand specializing in internet sales, 2 hoverboards are sold per minute.

how much do hoverboard cost

All models sold on the market are easy to handle and we find very nice and the best machines for you. These are designed to adapt to everyone’s needs. In summary, these needs will have to be defined based on the following data.

  • The frequency of use.
  • Number of daily trips.
  • Machine for children or adults: there are small models intended for children.
  • Place of residence: (the 6.5-inch wheel model is suitable for the city while the 10-inch all-terrain model is better suited to rural areas).
  • Battery life: this range varies a lot depending on the routes taken.
  • Your budget: prices vary from 200 to 1200 dollars, but there are used models sold at half price.
  • The features on the hoverboard skateboard.
  • The bluetooth speaker: to listen to music or stay informed on the latest while standing on your hoverboard.
  • The remote control: hoverboard safety lock, also used to turn it off.

Bluetooth or not Bluetooth?

What a pleasure to be able to listen to music during a walk, or to start the day off on the right foot… All hoverboard models are not equipped with this wireless technology, which allows you to listen to music, but also turn the Segway on and off remotely, with a remote control or using your smartphone. Turn on the lights of your vehicle when it gets dark, and put it on standby when you have to take the bus. The Bluetooth function is a real bonus which offers multiple possibilities and additional user comfort.

5. Criteria for purchasing your hoverboard

how much do hoverboard cost

Before making your purchase on the internet, you should check the following important points. Those are the criteria to buy the best hoverboard:

  • Driving power: The recommended power for a quality hoverboard is 2 motors of 350W each. Below this power, your hoverboard may roll below 10km/h, which is quite dangerous.

how much do hoverboard cost

  • Autonomy and charging time: The charging time varies depending on the model, but the standard remains 1,5 – 2 hours of charging for an autonomy of 20km on conventional road. If you ride on more complicated terrain, the range will decrease more quickly. Without forgetting that the weight of the “driver” contribute a lot on the autonomy.

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  • Quality and brand of the Battery: Be careful to choose only one model that necessarily includes a Samsung or LG brand battery, a guarantee of quality and longevity for the battery (36 V 4.4 Ah Lithium Ion). You should choose best battery chargers to help prolong battery life.

how much do hoverboard cost

  • Maximum speed: The maximum speed of hoverboards varies between 15 and 25km/h depending on the range.

how much do hoverboard cost

  • The weight of the hoverboard: The weight is an important criterion of choice, prefer hoverboards weighing less than 12 kg for children.

how much do hoverboard cost

  • Design and color: The classic look, the black overboard is a look that you can find in most models. However, there are some that have a rather special design. This is the case, for example, of a white children’s model with panda designs on the wheels and the platform or board that makes them very cute. This is another example of a hoverboard for adults in a white tone with colorful patterns everywhere and which throws the eyes. In the end, it will mainly depend on your personal tastes. Hoverboard has many colors and patterns for you to choose, such as: golden chrome, pink chrome…

how much do hoverboard cost

  • Waterproof: Most good quality hoverboards are water resistant and will therefore withstand light rain on the road. If you live in a rainy or humid region, be sure to choose a model with non-slip, water-resistant wheels. Please note, if most hoverboards are designed to run in light rain, it is strongly advised not to ride in the water with your electric vehicle. It is not recommended to roll with in the snow or in the water, the waterproof aspect is still relative. It does not have the silicone wiper blades like your car, so you should never move with it in the rain.

how much do hoverboard cost

  • The type of terrain: As seen previously generally used in urban areas, it can also be used for rural areas: to roll on grass or gravel.

how much do hoverboard cost

  • Bluetooth: For the best equipped Hoverboards, they are equipped with Bluetooth connected to speakers. You can suddenly listen to your favorite tracks from your smartphones while driving nicely. Some hoverboards are equipped with a bluetooth speaker integrated into their platforms. There is no doubt that this type of model will satisfy you fully if you are a music lover. To listen to all your favorite sounds while riding, you just need to connect your MP3 or Smartphone to your device via bluetooth mode, after which the music will be played directly under your feet through the speakers. Traveling will be less boring with this type of hoverboard model.

how much do hoverboard cost

  • Remote control: For the more advanced, you can have a remote control in your possession allowing you to turn off or turn on your electric skateboard. Also acts as a horn when you use it.

how much do hoverboard cost

  • Accessories and options: The options and accessories available with your hover board sale will greatly vary the price of it. On our website, we offer our customers hoverboards including: LED headlights, Bluetooth speakers (Music), Samsung battery, Transport bag and Remote control or iPhone & Android application. You will find on the market, overboards that are sold as is without accessories, and others that are offered with accessories such as a remote control or a very practical storage bag. Far from neglecting the quality of your electric machine, you will also benefit from surfing on this type of proposal which allows you to bring added value to the use of your hoverboard. With the remote control, you can indeed, for example, lock your gyroskate remotely or even prevent anyone from using it thanks to the alarm which will serve as an alert each time someone else tries to climb on it, a good also a way to protect yourself against theft.

6. Where to buy your hoverboard?

Where can you get a hoverboard? Ordering your hoverboard online is often the most convenient and economical option. Be careful, however, many unreliable websites  offer cheap but very poor quality hoverboards. These inexpensive products are often non-compliant with European standards. They can be dangerous and can break down very quickly. It is therefore preferable to use a trusted site such as Our site listens to its customers and takes great care in selecting the products it offers in order to satisfy you. So you will find lots of great promotions and hoverboard black friday sale.

Where to buy a hoverboard? Which hoverboard is best?

If you want to invest in a hoverboard, you can acquire one either from a specialist or from a marketplace.

Hoverboards for sale near me? If you ask this question on search engines, there will be a list locations selling hoverboards online. If you choose a marketplace like Amazon, you will have the advantage of having the choice of the model you want. Indeed, marketplaces offer products from several sellers. So you can compare the types of models, hoverboard brands reviews and customer reviews before you decide. In addition, prices are often reduced. The downside is that the after-sales service (warranty, contact with the seller) is often minimal.

how much do hoverboard cost

If you go to a specialist, be aware that you will often pay more for the same product. But the after-sales service is better and you can, at the time of purchase, be advised by a specialist who will help you make the right choice according to your expectations.

If you are living in France and you want to buy a hoverboard made in France, know that it is possible too! The start-up Newshoot has recently offered a full range of hoverboards made in France. Newshoot markets two types of hoverboards: an urban hoverboard, for the city, and an all-terrain hoverboard for outings in the countryside. It will cost between €230 and €549 (depending on the model) to acquire a hoverboard made in France.