How many types of electric vehicles?

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1. How many types of electric personal transportation vehicles?

The presence of hydroelectricity, a clean and renewable source of energy, combined with the research expertise and industrial know-how of players in the electric transportation vehicles industry, makes electric vehicles the ideal products for entrepreneurs. And investors who want to advance the electric vehicles industry.

For several years, United of America has embarked on the path of transportation electrification, with environmental and economic objectives.

The electric vehicles sector is indeed an engine for creating collective wealth and an innovative way to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in USA and internationally. will introduce to you the electric vehicles that are highly appreciated as revolutionary inventions in protecting the environment.

1.1 The Electric Scooter:

best electric scooter

What is the fastest electric scooter?

The history of this means of travel has not been linear. From 1920 to the present, it has been influenced by many factors, both internal and external. According to popular belief, the word scooter comes from “scooter”. The latter was used to designate young employees who scooted while going shopping.

The electric model, also known as a scooter, is a wheeled board (two or three) surmounted by a handlebar and fitted with a motor. In general, electric type motors are accompanied by batteries which may or may not have electric brakes. This system has the benefit of regenerating energy, hence instant charging.

A priori there is nothing simpler than an electric scooter. We all played on the scooter when we were children… But these have evolved well, even if the general principle remains the same: a platform for putting your feet, mounted on two wheels, one at the front, the other at the back and a handlebar with two hand grips… Yes, but the wheels have grown to be able to reach diameters of 12 and sometimes 20 inches. They can be inflatable or in hard rubber.

How to ride electric scooter?

These new scooters have a brushless electric wheel motor and of course a lithium battery to provide energy. To make it move forward, we have a handlebar control system with an accelerator that we operate with our thumb or forefinger, and to stop it, it is equipped with one or two brakes which can be motor, drum or disc.

The electric scooter is a real revolution for urban mobility. The first gasoline-powered scooter was created in the 1980s. Since then, it has undergone a great technological advance which has enabled it to be equipped from now on with an electric motor emitting no greenhouse gases.

The concept of the scooter, often called a “scooter”, is a handlebar mounted on a board with two or three wheels, depending on the model. Today, the best electric scooters are mostly equipped with a regenerative motor thanks to the electric brake, which allows instant charging.

The advantages of an electric scooter are many and everyone will get different depending on their use. The real advantage of this machine is above all the saving of time. Indeed, in large cities, urban dwellers find it increasingly difficult to get around by car, which forces them to take public transport.

However, this popular alternative also becomes a constraint. Thanks to the best electric scooter you will find your freedom in all your daily journeys. Your wallet will also be a winner thanks to the savings you will make by circulating with this one: more overpriced insurance, more expensive revisions or additional costs.

1.2 The electric skateboard / The Boosted Board:

What is electric skateboard?

Technology is constantly evolving, especially in the high-tech gadget market. Skateboarders can now switch to more revolutionary and practical equipment than the classic model. Indeed, in recent years, technicians have launched the latest version of the skateboard which is electric skateboards. A means of transport more advanced in terms of technology and design, but also more practical than all people can handle it easily. You can find boosted boards at online sales sites, such as the Amazon website, and look for the category of boosted boards Amazon. There are many best rated electric skateboards and the cheapest electric skateboard will suit all your needs. How to build an electric skateboard? Electric skateboard is a means of personal transportation based mainly on the model of a skateboard. It operates using a motor that controls the entire mechanism. Its operating principle is based on a manual accelerator or a simple weight change. To change speed, just transfer the weight and to move, you have to bend over and tilt the board from one side to another. An electric skateboard is actually another more advanced version of the classic skateboard, especially in terms of technology. Its structure is very simple, to the skateboard, we add a battery, motors, a remote control and that’s it. You can even make it yourself if you have a simple skateboard.

How to ride electric skateboard?

Being a completely new technology, new skateboard electric still represents an ambiguity for some. And although it is not more common than its classic counterpart, followers are starting to take an interest in it and it is becoming more and more appreciated. Its strengths certainly explain this rapid craze, because in addition to being an economical means of getting around, it is also a lot of fun. Many advantages can also be added to this revolutionary gadget, both for the user and for the planet, especially in ecological terms. Then there are other reasons, such as the design, which encourage young people today to opt for this new version of a skateboard. In terms of use, there is nothing simpler and more practical. Indeed, there is no need to push the machine, the engine takes care of moving it by itself, and the engine power remains constant even when climbing a climb. This allows you to skate longer and further while having fun. It’s a mix of fun, practice and speed. Then, the speed control is done automatically or with the remote control for the models which have new motorized skateboards.

1.3 The electric bike / the electric folding bike:

electric bicycle

What is an electric bike?

An smart e-bike is pretty much like a classic bicycle. The difference comes from the fact that it has an engine and assistance that accompany the cyclist in his movement. Just because it has an engine doesn’t mean it has to be compared to a motorcycle for adults. Paradoxically, it should not be confused with a simple bicycle either because it is much faster and much more powerful.

Choosing to buy electric bike is not too complicated for many users. At first glance, it should be emphasized that all the motors here have the same operating principle. They are responsible for creating and transferring the necessary assistance to the cyclist so that he can move faster. So the difference between the motors lies in the power delivered by the mechanism and the mode of operation of the bicycle.

How to make an electric bike?

The motor of the electrically assisted bicycle can be positioned in two specific places: in the crankset or inside the wheel core. Its architecture changes depending on where it is mounted. However, in both cases, any motor has an electronic part and a mechanical part. When it is damaged, maintenance of electric bicycles is also easy.

The electronic part takes care of the intelligence of the system. It is actually the electronic program that is responsible for processing the data sent by the sensors. Its performance is based exclusively on the motherboard and the sensors. There are also several types of sensors, namely: speed, cadence, torque, monitor screen and many others. Their provisions vary according to the typology of the bicycle engine.

How to make an electric bike?

The average power of an electric bicycle varies between 250 and 350W. It can happen that it sometimes goes beyond 350W, mainly when the speed reaches high peaks. The notions of speed and power are intimately linked. Indeed, the motors which have a power of 250W are limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Those which produce 350W (considered as mopeds) can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

1.4 The electric unicycle:

Segway unicycle

What is an electric unicycle?

You may have heard of them, the best electric unicycle that we now see everywhere. And you ask yourself the question: What is an electric unicycle? It’s completely legitimate. But we tell you right away that despite the fact that it presents itself as an exceptional and spectacular material, its principle of manufacture and operation is quite simple.

It has several names, electric monowheel, self-balancing unicycle, solo wheel, eletric one wheel… It is a machine, a means of transport essentially composed of a wheel and a set of equipment which allow it to move at a certain speed. A single wheel is covered by a shell which protects the electronic and electrical elements that compose it as we could see in our full review on the Ninebot One Z10.

Who created the electric unicycle?

The first electric wheels were launched in 2011 after their invention took place in 2005. They are two French who are at the origin, it is Janick and Mark Simeray. But today there are so many manufacturers and variations on the market that we forget the original brand.

Before we tell you how a single wheel works, know that the very first brand was SoloWheel. That said, we will add before giving you the components of an electric unicycle, that they are relatively light devices. Their weights vary between 9 and twenty kilos, for the heavier models.

For a draft answer to the question what is an electric unicycle, we can therefore say that it is a wheel mounted with a motor allowing it to roll at a given speed. This can easily reach 25 km/h. The hoverboard 1 wheel is also with a built-in battery, capable of providing a range that varies between 10 and 80 km depending on the model. Knowing that an electric unicycle also means knowing its various constituent elements. Apart from the wheel, the motor and the battery, there are a motherboard and cables to connect the different elements.

1.5 The electric moped scooter:

electric moped scooter

What is the electric moped scooter?

The electric moped scooter has been a displacement vehicle just like the classic or thermal scooters except that it works using the electricity stored in the battery instead of gasoline. On the market there are many electric scooters like this such as Goggoro scooter from Taiwan or Vespa Elettrica . In addition to its qualities which we will detail below, the best electric moped scooter can provide a comfortable and much more pleasant ride than the thermal scooter.

However, the use of an e-scooter instead of a thermal scooter can be advantageous because it is:

  • Economical: since it runs on electricity the cost of a refill is still low compared to a full tank of gas.
  • Ecological: it is clear that the e-scooter runs on electricity, and since it does not consume fuel, it is therefore non-polluting and above all clean, since it does not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  • Silent: it causes no noise, it emits only a very low sound, which means that the engine runs well.
How to make an electric scooter go faster?

An electric moped scooter is much simpler than a thermal scooter. Its driving part is made up of only 3 elements: a motor integrated in the wheel, an electronic controller and a battery. The motor and controller are very reliable and very rarely fail. The quality of the battery can vary from one manufacturer to another, but they are generally quite reliable.

If you want to take advantage of all the functions of the best electric moped scooter, you must first take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the weight and size of the feet that best suit the scooter. The electric moped scooters are generally intended for people who weigh less than 100 kilograms, perhaps a little more. The speed you can do on the same scooter depends on the weight of the rider. Before buying, you should also try the base of the electric moped scooter. You should be able to place both feet on the platform comfortably. If it is too small, it will be dangerous and uncomfortable to drive.

Modern electric moped scooters are designed to be not only durable, but also light and comfortable. Some manufacturers using high-quality aluminum alloy can now offer electric moped scooters that weigh just over 50 kilograms. The power of the electric moped scooter is very impressive, thanks to the motor up to 12,000W.

Do you intend to travel great distances on your new form of transportation? 

That’s no problem, you can charge the lithium-ion batteries, which are the most common in modern electric moped scooters in just 3.5 to 5 hours. After charging an electric moped scooter overnight, you can travel up to 60 kilometers the next day. If you want to use the battery for a longer period of time, it is recommended to respect a speed of 45 km/h. Some models contain an energy recovery mechanism. The battery is charged by regenerative braking, which allows you to extend the life of the battery during travel.

1.6 The hoverboard:

how much do hoverboard cost

what is the fastest hoverboard?

What is a hoverboard? Hoverboard is a revolutionary and trendy form of transport that has appeared in recent years as a result of scooters and skateboards. It is an accessory fitted with a platform and two movable wheels allowing you to move without having to put your feet on the ground. Since its launch, this unusual object has quickly won the hearts of a large audience, even if it is more popular with young people. More than an electrical means of movement, the hoverboard sale is an entertaining and practical accessory which allows its users to be entertained. The product has experienced an improvement over time in both performance and design with a variety of models designed and offered.

The hover board for sale has many advantages that could motivate its purchase. Indeed, this object is above all an ease of use. The hoverboard is therefore suitable for everyone, so there is the best hoverboard for adults and the best hoverboard for kids, even for novices in terms of travel on a skateboard. It only takes a few hours of practice to master it and use it with ease. In addition, it is only necessary to make pressure movements on the board to steer it easily. 

How much is a hoverboard with wheels?

How much do hoverboard cost? or How much money does a hoverboard cost? Once you have the intention to buy hover board, you should be familiar with and understand the criteria for buying hoverboard and you should know the most common problems on a hoverboard so you do not have to make mistakes. This great product is suitable for making interesting gifts for the holidays, you will easily buy hoverboard for the Christmas season and self balancing scooter for Halloween. There is even the cheapest hoverboard until the highest quality hoverboard. How much is the cheapest hoverboard? The price of cheap hoverboards or cost of the different types of hoverboards ranges from $150 to $250, the rest are high-end hoverboards from $300 and up and come with smarter features. I recommend not buying the hoverboard 100 dollars because they have very poor performance and are not safe.

How fast does a hoverboard go?

The great benefits of hoverboard for users are undeniable. Likewise, it should be noted that this is an ultra practical accessory for everyday use. You may be wondering how easy to use hoverboard, you should learn how to ride hoverboard first. Very economical in energy, it has a long-lasting battery which gives it good autonomy. It will thus make your life easier for small trips in town or outside, since it can travel up to 15 kilometers with a speed of 10 km/h. You will therefore be able to do without public transport for your trips over short distances. Some people also adopt it to go to their workplace. It’s a great eco-friendly way to save fuel and other costs. Hoverboard can also be converted into hoverkart when you buy go kart kit for sale to install hoverboard into 3 wheel scooter. In case you do not know about hoverkart, you can read the article “What is a hoverkart?” on this website.

Also, it is an object that stands out for its compactness and its great lightness. This makes it easier to store and makes it less bulky in a room. Beyond its practicality and its useful side, the hoverboard represents a very fun accessory which can give pleasure to the youngest as well as to the older ones. However, to be able to ride hoverboard on the street, you should carefully review the laws of hoverboard in the city where you live. Like many other electric vehicles, this object will give you a real feeling while on the move. When it is an all-terrain model, it can be driven almost anywhere without a problem.

1.7 The Onewheel +/ Onewheel + XR:

What is a onewheel?

Created in the United States in 2014, this skateboard with one wheel of the future was born from the idea of a young Californian surfer. It experienced several technical and physical evolutions before developing. This board is a concentrate of technology, equipped with a revolutionary electric motor and a self-stabilization system.

How to ride a onewheel?

Its intuitive control makes it easy to move forward, brake, accelerate, turn and carve. These gliding sensations are incredible and incomparable! Urban or nature, the Onewheel gives the possibility to ride freely and on all terrains. Thanks to its electric motor, it is completely silent and can reach 20 to 25 km of range. Its large, smooth, large tire is harmless to grassy areas and does not create ruts. The Onewheel gyro-skate is a large central wheel, a “snowboard” riding position and a gyroscopic operating principle based on the inclinations of the board. The Onewheel is therefore driven without hands, the machine follows the movements of your center of gravity, you are free ride snowboard every day. 

From Onewheel + to Onewheel + XR and one wheel pint:

Future Motion has made a considerable effort since its creation through a popular kickstarter to evolve the Onewheel board towards an ultra-reliable and efficient machine, the Onewheel +, marketed from summer 2017. The Onewheel + immediately met with global success, but was seriously lacking in autonomy (around ten km), a recurring reproach from riders, a reproach that had become an element of general frustration. Future Motion responds to this frustration with the release of the Onewheel + XR and Pint One Wheel, whose autonomy doubles that of its predecessor, a master stroke that definitively buries the hatchet and elevates this marvelous machine of pure pleasure to the rank of perfection. The Onewheel XR travels between 18 and 27 km of distance on a load which is more than double the distance traveled on a standard Onewheel +, i.e. between 8 and 11 km. A huge leap forward given the technical difficulty of equipping the board with a capacitive and therefore bulky battery.

The all-terrain electric gyro-skate:

One of the main attractions of the Onewheel is its all-terrain aspect and is accentuated by the Onewheel + XR for even more possibilities for “off-road” riding. Indeed, a capacitive battery offers a greater reserve of power and therefore even higher crossing capacities.

1.8 The Segway / Self-Balancing Personal Transporter:

Self-Balancing Personal Transporter

Who made the hoverboard Segway?

Developed by the American firm Segway Inc, a world leader in electric personal transportation with more than 80,000 vehicles in circulation, the Mini Segways is self-stabilized single-seat electric vehicle with two parallel wheels. On the market there are many self banlacing electric scooters like this such as Z-Scooter from VESPA.

Where to buy hoverboard Segway?

Are you looking for a way to get around easily, efficiently and ecologically? A true trend in recent years, a fashionable gadget for some, a real means of transport for others, the Segway has a bright future ahead of it. This website is intended to provide you with a complete buying guide if you wish to acquire a Segway. If you started looking in different stores, then you may have noticed that there are more and more brands on Amazon for sale, and look for the category of Amazon self balancing scooter. Well, thanks to this website you will be able to find your way more easily and know which are the best brands of the moment for your choice of Segway but also the best offers of the moment to make your purchase. Its operation is based on an exclusive system of gyroscopes and very sophisticated sensors which ensures a perfect balance when stationary or in motion without its user having to worry about it. Modeled on the walking mechanism, the Segway reacts instantly to the inclination of the body. Lean forward to move forward and back to slow down… And to steer, just turn the handlebars. It is this unique operating principle that guarantees its amazing safety and exceptional maneuverability. Segway also developed the Ninebot GoKart Drift Kit to upgrade the Mini Segways to an Outdoor Racer Pedal Car.

How does the Segway “balance itself”?

Thanks to the Segway’s structure, It is possible to easily pilot a Segway whatever your age! It should just weigh between 45 kilos and 118 kilos. This is the global data of the manufacturer, Segway Inc, to ensure the safety of users.

How fast is a Segway?

Up to 20 km/h. However, the speed is moderate in the city center up to 6 km/h. You don’t have to go fast to have gliding sensations.

What is the autonomy of a Segway?

Up to 38 km per charge depending on the model. The range is variable depending on many criteria such as temperature, driving style or tire pressure. 

1.9 The electric roller skates:

electric roller skates

What is the electric roller skates?

Electric propulsion is gaining ground, even on the means of transport where it was not expected, such as electric roller skates. After years of research and development, the American company is indeed starting to market its Rocket Skates, the best electric roller skates powered by a small electric motor. spnKiX is the name by which the company Acton Inc. designates its new electric roller skates. Their manufacturer also calls them rather motorized shoes. Powered by rechargeable lithium battery in 2 or 3 hours. Barely larger than a ski boot, these 3 kg skates each display very honorable performance: a top speed of almost 20 km/h for a range of 13 km. But are they easy to maneuver? Can we use it on a daily basis?

How to make electric roller skates?

In fact, skates, it is rather a fiber shell reinforced with aluminum, equipped with two large diameter wheels, powered by a motor, and capable of being fixed on any city shoe or ordinary sports. The speed control of the motors is carried out by the skater by means of a remote control which he holds in his hand. The manufacturer recommends that its use be reserved for people aged 16 years; obviously it is not a toy. Rather, they are devices in which you place your feet shod to move on wheels powered by an electric motor! You do not skate, you rather let yourself be carried to your destination by adjusting the speed with a pressure of the heel or by using the compatible application. Once there, you can remove them for normal walking or keep them and use the tips of your feet to take steps. Each RocketsSkates is equipped with 2 rubber wheels ensuring good stability and which allow to move effortlessly since they are activated by an electric motor. Behind the skate, there is a third wheel to prevent tipping backwards as well as shock absorbers to absorb shocks. To use them, simply slip your feet into them wearing flat shoes, then tighten the support strap. You can then activate them and control the speed by applying pressure with your heels or even, using the compatible application which offers additional functions, always having the opportunity to switch to walking without removing the skates.

1.10 The Orbit wheels / The Double-round skates:

Orbit Wheels

What are orbit wheels?

With these effortless skates, spring will pass faster. When you prefer to ride than wait for a bus or yawn in traffic, you like energy. But there are mornings when we are just lazy to push. So this is it. It’s even more so when it’s raining or snowing, where every foot on the ground is one more chance to wallow. Those who have tried to get around the glide problem and go through the lawn edges have bitten their fingers. Literally sometimes. This is where the Orbit wheels are fun: you no longer have to put your foot on the ground to move forward. 

How to ride orbit wheels?

Wiggle your body. One foot is slid into each of these 25 cm diameter rings on a mini tray reminiscent of hoverboards and Segways. Inside, a wheel begins to spin as you lean back and forth for propulsion. Everything is in the pool, a movement that skaters used to longboarding know well. For the others, no fear, it is enough that the toes touch the bitumen to brake. It slides into Wonderland. The advantage of roller skates invented by Orbitwheel is that the feet are released. No attachment between the two legs, no friction on the ground, no axle that could jam the wheel… As many bowls less. The large diameter, allows to pass over soil or grass not too high. A feeling of freedom and therefore less risk of crashing. Aficionados will also find it easier to do 720 degrees or acrobatic U-turns. The others will definitely put away the scooters so 2015…

Where to buy orbit wheels?

Two versions: the Sidewinding Circular Skate can be imported from the USA on Amazon, while the Orbit wheels can be ordered from urban mobility specialists like Eco-rider in UK and Hover-store in France. It is a 25 cm diameter circle, with a small platform for the feet inside. Each foot is independent: these small racing cars for foot are therefore suitable for tricks and “free skate”. On the other hand, it takes a little practice to find its stability! For its “first steps”, it is possible to add a kind of fixed bar between the two wheels.

1.11 The YikeBike:


Who invented the Yikebike?

Its manufacturers call it the “most compact bike in the world”. The Yikebike is indeed a folding, light and electric bike, but it’s without handlebars or pedals and with 2 wheels of different sizes.

In 2009, Grant Ryan, who was not at his first invention, wanted to free himself from the design of the bicycle and start from scratch to develop a new mode of urban transport. He first thought about his urban mobility needs which he could not satisfy with the vehicles marketed at the time. And then expanded to the urban travel needs that all future YikeBike users can meet.

This new vehicle had to be at the same time, light, compact and clean to facilitate the transport of the machine on foot and its storage in small apartments in the city center… Provide its user with a sitting position, allowing him to make all his journeys comfortably and without muscle fatigue. This high seating position allows perfect visibility in traffic and makes the user clearly visible to other users. The exclusively electric propulsion allows fast and practical movements without any fatigue or perspiration. A significant advantage to encourage motorists to abandon their vehicles which are too large to be efficient in our overcrowded city centers.

Safety is the thing Grant Ryan had in mind throughout the development of the YikeBike. It had to be safe and even safer than a bicycle. The YikeBike therefore has an electric braking with an ABS system that regulates braking power in real time. This is a world first in the world of cycling. Its short wheelbase makes it very handy and the great acceleration force offered by the electric motor allows its user to get out of any situation quickly.

How far can Yikebike go?

The maximum speed of the YikeBike has been subject to debate during development, it has been electrically limited to 23 km to ensure that wind or terrain variations are never harmful to its driving. Besides this top speed offering excellent performance in town, the torque of the electric motor makes the YikeBike very pleasant to drive at low speed. In particular to circulate safely on the sidewalks in the middle of pedestrians or chat with friends while moving.

The seated driving position is confusing at first, but keeps your feet always close to the ground, so you can very easily put your feet on the ground and catch up with a loss of balance. The handlebar positioned behind the user allows the YikeBike its folding system so ingenious and compact but above all in this position it never interferes with driving, in case of emergency braking or descent of the bike, there is no frame to step over. We get up without risk of loss of balance and safely.

This revolutionary design, both practical and safe, has made the YikeBike the most compact folding electric bike in the world. Its low weight makes it the perfect multi-modal transport tool. Finally, the electric propulsion that characterizes it allows it to be defined as a high-quality alternative to electrically assisted bikes for active city dwellers and adventurers.

1.12 The Hover Shoes:

best hover shoes

Who created the hovershoes?

Hovershoes are the most recent product invented from Shenzhen in China in 2018. It is a step forward in the concept of transportation; it combines the pleasure of a skateboard with the practicality of a self-balancing electric scooter with automatic balancing. Origin of Hoverboard shoes: On May 5 and 6, this new revolution was presented by two brands already well established in the sector. The first under the name of Inmotion which took care of the R&D work and the second Koowheel, which takes care personally of all aspects of production. If you are a fan of electric machines, the Hovershoes are waiting for you! In another design, but with identical characteristics we can also discover the model of the famous Segway brand.

How to make hover shoes?

The Hovershoes is a mix between skateboard, hoverboard, and roller skating. It combines all the advantages, allowing you to go anywhere. It is conducted without remote control, thanks to the balance of your body and is very easy to use. A few minutes of training are enough to master the hovershoes like a pro. Easy and very light to transport you will take them everywhere without constraint. Hovershoes are also allowed on planes, so you can easily carry them as hand luggage.

How fast do hover shoes go?

Each of the two hovershoes has a 250 Watt motor, and allows you a speed of 8km/h. Equipped with 3.5 inch diameter wheels, the hover-shoes weighs only 2.8 kilos and can be slipped into a backpack. It has the IP65 standard (water resistant) allowing you to go for walks even in rainy weather. It charges in just 1.5 hours and offers a range of 8 km.  If you want to know more about hovershoes. What are hovershoes? You can find hovershoes reviews here.

1.13 The WalkCar:

best electric skateboard

The Lexus Hoverboard made you dream? Stop everything, because the WalkCar, mini-skate of the future developed by the Japanese company Cocoa Motors, could quickly dethrone it done right.

Who created the Walkcar?

Despite its description, this rolling tablet is much more like a skateboarder than a tablet. We owe this innovation to Kuniako Saito. The Japanese engineer and his team at Cocoa Motors have developed a “tablet” therefore, which is in fact a Segway-type electric mini-skateboard. The latter, ergonomic and small, you can store it in a backpack, is used to move around the city. Its maximum speed is 10 kilometers per hour. It weighs between 2 and 3 kilos. Equipped with a lithium battery, its autonomy is more than three hours. In other words, the WalkCar is formatted to be able to move around for half a day. It calls on advanced technologies of which the Japanese have the secret and the perfect control.

What is a walkcar?

Even if it looks like a tablet or a small laptop, it is nothing. We can imagine the fragile object. In reality, it is extremely resistant and can “transport anyone, up to 120 kilos,” says Le Figaro. The WalkCar is therefore designed. Its lines are inspired by those of a MacBook Pro. It works like a Segway, these electric and ecological transport solutions, and goes as fast as a bicycle. In practice, it is more maneuverable than a bicycle: it is able to sneak anywhere. However, it’s about having a certain balance. Those who skate, know how much the “support” is breakneck. And like a good old skateboard, the WalkCar is controlled by body movements. You have to lean forward to move forward, backward, to move back and to the sides to turn. “An intuitive handling that stops when you simply put your foot on the ground”, explains Le Figaro. You have to bet that this “intuitive handling” requires a certain agility. In any case, and as its name suggests, the WalkCar offers an innovative urban transport solution. The user can easily combine the use of public transport and the practice of walking. And at the same time, say goodbye to traffic jams, hello to freedom and reduce your carbon footprint.

1.14 The Ryno Motors / The Ryno microcycle:

ryno microcycle price

What happened to Ryno motors?

Two-wheeler manufacturers no longer stop when it comes to innovating in the world of electrics. After 6 years of development and no less than 3 prototypes to its credit, the American company Ryno Motors offers you Ryno: a scooter which has the distinction of having only one wheel to move.

If a large wheel scooter requires you to stand, Ryno allows you to sit in the saddle, thanks to its self-balancing system, which ensures that the unicycle stands upright on its own or almost. You still have to put your feet on the ground when you are stopped, but once on the way, sensory sensors interpret and correct your movements. So you can keep your balance while maintaining your trajectory.

How does Ryno motors work?

In general, you just have to lean forward to accelerate and, on the contrary, orient your body weight backwards when you want to brake. To change direction, you just have to tilt left or right.

With Ryno One Wheel Motorcycle, it is possible to move on the road of course but also on a bicycle path and even in a shopping center! No more traffic jams!

Thanks to it and its two electric motors, you can drive at 16 km/h. Its autonomy is 16 km, so it is reserved for individuals wishing to make short trips in urban areas.

Its batteries fully recharge after 6 hours and with its 72 kg, you can make it support up to 117 kg of charge!

Ryno electric microcycle only has advantages: light, easy to maneuver, flexible, space-saving and above all electric! It therefore does not release CO2, which allows you to be respectful of the environment.

Where to buy Ryno motors?

For the moment, this electric unicycle with seat is only possible to pre-order it in the United States for the modest sum of 5,295 dollars (3,830.20 euros) including charger.

1.15 The Electric Go Karts:

Electric Go Karts

What is the electric go karts?

Electric mobility invites itself in karting bringing an ecological touch. If the equipment and circuits remain classic, the differentials here appreciate in the power of the electric go-kart. Find more information on electric karting later in this article. Reliable watture: The go-kart offers a higher level of acceleration for more intense sensations. Electric power boosts engine speed for minimal maintenance. Equipped with one or more motors supplied with direct current via batteries, the electric kart is a silent and fast watture. With low power consumption, lithium batteries are used for competition karting and lead batteries for rental. Visit this site for more details. The small problem: The main one is the high cost of kart equipment, in this case its batteries. For the comfort they offer, they are not accessible to all. Their lifespan, which takes 500 to 2,500 cycles of charges and discharges. The type of battery and the frequency of use define their autonomy (15 to 40 minutes) for limited use. The recharge time ranges from 30 min to 1 hour. However, it is advisable to maximize the number of batteries. The weight of these increases that of the best electric go kart. Motor type: DC type motors can take up to two motors on the transmission axis. The chopper reduces starting current and footprint. There is a low consumption of the motors and an increase in power. 

What is the most powerful electric motor for go karts? 

The brushless offers an even smaller footprint and no maintenance of the brushes. The drive unlike the chopper is a three-phase inverter for a higher speed level. The asynchronous does not admit two motors and its level of congestion is consequent. It has protection against dust and splashing water.

1.16 The Electric Motorcycles:

Electric Motorcycles

What are the advantages of electric motorcycles?

Whether it is for your trips from home to the office or for your trips in the city, using an electric motorcycle will always benefit you. The biggest advantage of this means of transport remains above all the economy that it allows. As fuel prices continue to rise due to the scarcity of oil, an electric motorcycle will allow you to minimize this energy cost. On average, you will only spend $9 per 100 kilometers on this type of vehicle. Aren’t you too well versed in mechanics? No problem! With the electric motorcycle, you don’t have to do a lot of maintenance. Indeed, this means of transport does not require oil or a belt unlike other models of mopeds. Also, at a time when protecting the environment is a priority for everyone, getting around with an electric motorcycle is considered an ecological act. It is therefore a good alternative for getting around without polluting, avoiding atmospheric pollution or limiting noise pollution. The electric motorcycle thus offers a silent ride free of vibrations, ensuring at the same time your comfort and that of those around you. We all agree that hearing the noise of motocross engines, for example, can be very annoying. You should also be aware that in some cities, like NYC or California City, purchasing certain models of electric motorcycles gives you a bonus. It is always beneficial to have an electric motorbike to circulate in complete freedom. How to be sure to choose the right electric motorcycle? Have you been thinking about buying an electric motorcycle for a while? However, are you still having trouble choosing from the various models available on the market? In fact, to choose the right electric motorcycle that will perfectly meet your expectations and your traveling needs, you must consider several elements: its use, power, wheel size, range and battery. Regarding the use, you must define the type of trip that you will make with the electric motorcycle. Is it a journey of less than 10km? In the countryside or in the city? How frequent is it? As for power, you should know that the 4 kW electric motorcycles (the equivalent of 50 cc) does not require a driving license. In terms of wheel size, be aware that electric motorcycles with large wheels are more stable while models with small wheels are more lively. In terms of batteries, you have the choice between fixed batteries and removable batteries. These can be removed from the machine for recharging. The autonomy will then depend on the size of the battery.

1.17 The Electric Tricycles:

Electric Tricycles

How to make a elctric tricycle?

Electric tricycles for adults are an alternative to the usual bikes, with which you can ride more comfortably. In addition, they help you carry everything you need because they have large baskets. Note that when it comes to finding the ideal bike that should fit your size, you have to consider other specific criteria. The adult tricycle must also include everything you need to make your journey more comfortable.

Electric pedaling assistance exponentially expands the rider’s range of action. The user can travel great distances, even in hilly terrain or with a headwind. You are no longer dependent on the taxi for your trips, and you can enjoy the outdoors while on the move. We regularly see that disabled people go to their physiotherapist by taxi or with their “scootmobile” electric scooter, and when they arrive at their destination, sit on a home trainer to practice their exercises. Why not visit friends or take a little trip by electric tricycle? Since you always have to pedal by yourself, the user stays in motion, which is good for health.

The user can, at the desired moment, activate the electric pedaling assistance at the level of his choice and thus facilitate the journey. More and more users are realizing that this increases their independence and their mobility, and for these reasons choose an ecological electric trike.

What is the best electric tricycle for adults? Who invented the electric tricycle?

Urban mobility has changed considerably in recent times. The bike has come to stay and next to it, we also find the best electric trike, which make it easier to drive and carry everything you need thanks to its large capacity.

We are also seeing an increase in the use of electric pedal assistance on other Van Raam custom bike models. Van Raam has himself developed his own electric pedaling assistance system, which is characterized by more power, a quieter engine and a much more gradual start-up engagement. Indeed, many older cyclists find it difficult to get used to the sudden start of many traditional tricycles equipped with electric pedaling assistance, when switching on. With the Van Raam Silent system, this problem is solved and this system can be adapted to all user applications. This is particularly appreciated by older users of our low straddle bike, the balance, with which they can always have both feet on the ground.

1.18 The Electric Drift Trike:

Electric Drift Trike

Drift trike (or drift tricycle) is still a young discipline which is already experiencing quite a bit of success. This funny, thrilling tricycle is already all the rage in New Zealand, as well as in the United States, and is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. If you came across this article, you probably know what drifting is, right? In case you don’t know, this is a fairly extreme driving technique, which consists mainly of drifting when crossing corners at high speed. Most people know him from the famous franchise’s movie Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Although classic drift is related to cars and motorcycles, this discipline can also occur with electric motor vehicles such as an electric drift trike.

How to build a drift trike?

The drift trike is a drift tricycle whose front wheel is larger than that of a normal tricycle and which is equipped with rear wheels made of hard plastic with low grip which create a loss of traction and, consequently, a drift effect. As with the longboard (freeride), they are generally used for downhill on paved roads with steep slopes, curves and sharp turns. Whereas originally in 2008 these modified tricycles were rather DIY, homemade. Today it is possible to find a wide variety of models for children, adults, some with electric or even petrol engines and with different types of frames, seats and wheels. The selection is quite rich. The Drift Trike is quite simply adults who have stung their children’s tricycle to make it an extreme and fun sport. Today, they have become electric! There has been a practice for 2 years, the descent in daredevil tricycle with speeds approaching 90km/h (55mph)… Note that they only have a front brake and also use the sole of their shoe to steer and brake…. Since then, some have embarked on the drifting of the tricycle by incorporating much larger rear wheels allowing them to have a less extreme but more fun side of the tricycle! They are forced to descend a slope to have speed or to be pulled by a van to be able to drift! Drift Trike enthusiasts have decided to go further and not limit trike drift to descents and open roads. They fitted an electric motor in the front wheel, so there is no longer a need to go downhill or get pulled by a friend’s car to pick up speed. As we mentioned at the beginning, our racing car has 3 wheels and is therefore similar to a children’s electric tricyle which thus offers more stability for your child and removes the fear of falling when using this type of vehicle. You will also be able to appreciate the presence of high quality footrests which offer a comfortable sitting position and will give the impression of being behind the wheel of a real kart worthy of the greatest Formula 1 races.

1.19 The Outrider Horizon:

outrider horizon

Who created the Outrider Horizon?

The feeling my friend get from riding this Horizon mountain bike is exactly the same as he had with his mountain bike before the accident. These few words are enough to understand Horizon, a three-wheel electric ATV designed for the disabled and made in the United States by Outrider USA. The basic idea for Horizon comes from Christopher Wenner, an “adventurous quadriplegic” with a doctorate in his pocket. Many years ago, Chris got in touch with Outrider USA, proposing to them to build a way that could allow people with disabilities to discover the sense of adventure and freedom that we experience thanks to the bicycle, particularly thanks to mountain biking. Working together, Chris and the Outrider USA team developed Horizon. It has been tested by many people with different degrees of disability. The quote mentioned at the beginning of the article is from Chris. The Horizon Outrider is a three-wheel adventure bike with a low center of gravity, an optional power supply and adapted for people with a wide range of disabilities. This electric mountain bike for the disabled is designed to adapt to a wide range of disabilities. In fact, it can be used by people:

  • With full functionality of arms and legs.
  • With functionality only on the left (or right) part of the body.
  • With full functionality of the arms, but limited functionality (or absent) of the legs.
  • With limited arm and leg functionality (you still need minimal arm strength to handle the brakes, turn and accelerate).
How to ride an Outrider Horizon?

Horizon has features that make it particularly versatile: for example, the seat height is easily adjustable allowing easy access to all. The pedals can be configured to be used with the feet or hands. With its three wheels and a low center of gravity, this off-road adventure trike vehicle is easier to balance. Thanks to its tires and its 100 mm suspensions, this electric adventure trike vehicle makes it possible to move easily, even on dirt roads of medium difficulty, thus providing this sense of adventure for people with disabilities, whose research was on the basis of the design of the vehicle. To finance the serial construction of Horizon, Outrider USA launched a campaign on Kickstarter with an extremely positive outcome: $126,000 was raised, compared to a request for $100,000. In the coming months Outrider USA will finalize the contracts with the suppliers and start to organize the mass production of this electric mountain bike for disabled people; the first models should be available in December 2014.

1.20 The Electric Scooter Suitcase:

Electric Scooter Suitcase

What is electric scooter suitcase?

Tired of loading your suitcase in your car? Or even annoy everyone with transportation? Or worse, pay the taxi for the trip? He Liangcai, who lives in the south of China, has the solution for you! It was indeed this wacky entrepreneur, who had the brilliant idea of incorporating in his suitcase a rechargeable lithium battery, all weighing around 7 kilos. On the market there are many best suitcase scooters for all ages, certainly there are adults scooter suitcase and kids scooter suitcase. It was after 10 years of hard work that Mr. Liangcai managed to produce this small machine, which he said could carry up to two adults, and travel up to 55 kilometers when the battery is full. He may be great, but despite everything, our little Chinese genius would not have gone further than primary school, and would have enriched his knowledge by himself. Like what, the school is full of misunderstood geniuses! In short, if you are struggling in class, do not lose hope: you can always invent a suitcase that turns into a scooter. Ah well yes, we don’t do things by halves! For a more realistic rendering, the inventor even thought of adding a horn, an anti-theft device, and even a GPS! . Because yes, this crazy machine could very well become the new fashionable mode of transport, especially since it does not pollute. Really Chinese, smart and green numbers on top of that. Can you imagine a highway full of people perched on their wheeled suitcases? At least, like that, no one will be able to show off with their beautiful Ferrari. And then, more, suddenly, no problem to park! The invention has still not found an industrial partner for its production. So we imagine that only a few functional prototypes exist. Who will launch? And would you be ready to get this extraordinary suitcase? Its driving mode only requires pressing a button, it will automatically exit the driving rod and the drive wheel, press again and it will close automatically, return to the normal suitcase. If you have kids, you can let him play the suitcase with his friends, it’s cool, isn’t it?