Halloween Add Function Together With Self Balancing Scooter

On every Halloween, happy parents with their naughty children will show a multitude of jokes to fool and scare others. Usually, they will disguise themselves as demons, vampires or zombies… But to make things more authentic and lively, they will use self balancing scooter to move instead of using their feet.

1. Summary of the origin of the Halloween festival

Previously, Halloween was only held in Western Europe and North America. But now, Halloween has become a popular festival in many other countries around the world. Halloween originated from Christianity. Halloween is an acronym for ‘All Hallows’s Evening’, which means the evening of the Holy Feast. This festival usually takes place on the first day of November. And this festival is to pray for the dead souls.

In addition, there are some documents suggesting that Halloween was influenced by the Celtic national Samhain – a nation that lived more than 2,000 years ago on the lands of what is now Britain, Ireland and northern France. The Samhain festival is celebrated by Celts on November 1 every year to mark the end of the summer, turning to winter. And it is the start of a new year. They also believed that when the summer was over and the winter was full of cold darkness, it was a new year’s eve. This means that on October 31 the boundary between life and death becomes blurred. The souls can now find their way to the realms of the living. If you wear evil attire, the souls will ignore them, and the noisy parade also somewhat reassures the fear of the souls.

Today, Halloween takes place on October 31 every year, the festival will start from the evening until 12 pm. Participants in this festival will decorate their house as scary as possible. Not only that, during this holiday, both children and adults going out on the street will disguise as any character they love. Usually are extremely scary characters. Then they went to each house to knock on the door to receive candy, congratulate and not forget the mission to scare others. And self balance scooter is a powerful help tool for this scare task.

2. The self balancing scooter possesses perfect details

Illustrating admirable design ideas of hoverboard manufacturers. The most luxurious and fashionable style of the self balancing scooters is the proof and skill of the hoverboard design team. When you put on evil clothes or other scary characters. You can ride self-balancing electric scooter while wearing the most scary makeup. In addition, the self balancing electric scooter will be controlled by a turbocharged magnetic motor. So it will not cause noise when moving. So, you can feel secure to drive a hoverboard without being noticed by others, detection and scary scary effects are even increased.

3. Another important feature of hoverboard

Another important feature is that even if self balance scooter will be controlled by body movement. This means that the driver is always guaranteed to be at the highest level. To control the hoverboard forward, rotate, backward, speed up or decelerate or brake… You just need to lean forward or backward. And even if the body’s center of gravity is tilted to the front/rear, you are still assured of maximum safety. Hoverboard manufacturer has done research and calculated every possible situation during hoverboard riding. Therefore, self balancing scooter is also equipped with safety limit speed protection feature. In addition, it also protects safety tilt and protects battery capacity for users. This way, you can focus on making fun jokes with relatives and friends without having to worry about any other issues.

4. Halloween festival will be more complete and wonderful thanks to self balancing scooter

In addition, self balancing scooters can reach speeds from 17 to 20 km / h. This is a speed fast enough to create a sense of mystery, illusions and ghosts. But this electric skateboards can still move slowly to meet the driver’s body movement. Thanks to a large, powerful battery pack mounted on hoverboard products. You can enjoy the time of the Halloween festival without having to worry about the problem of hoverboard running out of power and affecting the mood to join the festival.

With the self-balancing electric scooter, you will have the most unexpected gift to be expected in this upcoming Halloween season. The hoverboard can also become a surprise, unique and meaningful item for friends and relatives. You can refer to the article important criteria to buy hoverboard, before deciding on how to buy hoverboard. Wish you quickly choose for yourself a satisfied hoverboard.