Four Interesting Facts About GOGORO Electric Scooter

Gogoro just made a big impression at CES 2015 with electric scooters. Their Smartscooter can run 97 km after each charge and they will be sold this year. Gogoro will also develop a system of charging stations. This will allow drivers to swap the battery to get a fully charged battery to save time.

The scooter is a way to call electric scooters, not products that we still call a hoverboard. In this article, please join me in exploring the four interesting facts about this Smartscooter. The article is compiled by SlashGear technology news page:

1. This is not just a regular scooter

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Apparently Gogoro Smartscooter is an electric scooter, but it has a completely new design. Gogoro designed all the details of this electric scooter. This Smartscooter suspension, chassis and powertrain are all customizable. All electronic devices included are produced separately by Gogoro for Smartscooter.

Smartscooter is very light, only 112kg. It uses aluminum material for many parts of electric scooters. This helps the product reduce weight and reduce energy consumption.

2. Quick replacement battery

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Smartscooter will be equipped with two batteries. Each battery can provide power for electric scooters that run between 50 and 100 Km. Gogoro will build charging stations so that drivers can swap batteries out and take fully charged batteries to help drivers save time. The battery of Gogoro Smartscooter can be charged 2,000 times and takes 60 to 90 minutes to fully charge.

3. There is an accompanying application

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Gogoro will provide an application that runs on smartphones. This app can remember where you parked your car. Even record some statistics about your driving behavior. The application can also tell you the battery level of electric scooters so you have a reasonable use plan.

In addition, this app also tells you the location of the nearest GoStation charging station. And it can remember your driving style, reconfigure the driving time estimate based on how you turn the throttle.

4. Gogoro Smartscooter is quite strong

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The Smartscooter’s engine can produce 8.58 horsepower and 24.4 Nm of torque. According to Gogoro’s team, Smartscooter is 16% stronger than a regular scooter. Gogoro Smartscooter can reach speeds of 50km / h in 4.20 seconds. A typical electric scooter with a 125cc gas engine.

Smartcooter’s balance system is also very good. When turning a corner, this system will adjust so that your head becomes the top of a triangle. This is almost perfect to help electric scooters move more stably.

The battery of Gogoro Smartscooter is also very powerful. Gogoro said it could power a house (typical American house) within an hour or run a fireplace for one night.

According to Gogoro CEO Horace Luke, this Smartscooter will be sold this year. Predictably, electric scooters will be warmly welcomed in big cities, especially in Asia.