Fastest Electric Scooters For Sale


1. Fastest Electric Scooters For Sale of 2020:

Although cars are the most widely used form of transportation today, many do not know how faster and more efficient it is to get a scooter. Indeed, we are not talking here about scooters for children, but rather electric scooters which are made for adults and have a more sophisticated design and several features. But to ensure the effectiveness of a scooter, it must take into account the speed of the machine.

This is why we are going to tell you more about the fastest electric scooter in this article. We invite you to read until the end.

2. Where to buy fastest electric scooters? Here is the list of 5 fastest electric scooters in 2020:

Fastest Electric Scooters for Sale

UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter

Fastest Electric Scooters for Sale

NANROBOT LS7 Super Powerful

Fastest Electric Scooters for Sale

NANROBOT D5+ 2.0 With Seat Electric Scooter

Fastest Electric Scooters for Sale

eDrift UH-ES295 2.0 Fat Tire Scooter

Best Lightweight Folding Electric Scooters

NANROBOT D5+ 2.0 Foldable Electric Scooter

2.1. UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter

Fastest Electric Scooters for Sale

The UberScoot 1600w 48v electric scooters differs from most other electronic scooters in this selection in several ways. The main difference is that it uses an indirect chain motor and the energy is supplied by a series of sealed and obsolete lead-acid batteries.

Now, to be fair to UberScoot, it produces a lot of energy for the price and it is significantly cheaper than competitors of the same horsepower, but will save a few hundred dollars in the short term.

Well, if you are looking for a fast electric scooter that will allow you to cover the miles traveled with 10-12 without much hassle, then this is probably not a bad idea.

At first glance, when you look at the UberScoot 1600w, you seem to have great value for money, but this electric scooter is definitely built at a reasonable price.

While there are many satisfied customers, issues have been raised, ranging from the quality of construction of poor, potentially dangerous wiring. Other problems reported were poor handling and poor brakes.

Another thing that can be a problem is the weight. At a heavy weight of 117, it is not easily transportable. Finally, sealed lead-acid batteries will have no durability comparable to that of a lithium battery: charge cycles 250 and 600-800.

Despite the drawbacks, if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful fast electric scooter, without worrying about autonomy, it may be worth it, but first look at the alternatives.


2.2. NANROBOT LS7 Super Powerful

Fastest Electric Scooters for Sale

On electric scooters, the speed is due to the capacity of the engine. Often, it is located in the front or rear wheel or inside the central plate.

Most of the time, these are “brushless” motors. These operate on alternating current and do not require any maintenance, they are also more resistant in the service life.

For the engine to work properly, you must also have a properly charged battery, since it is electric. Basically the more you have a big engine on the scooter, the more the top speed will be consistent.

The one that tied for first place in speed, is the NanRobot LS7 electric scooter. It is equipped with two 1800 Watt motors which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 85 km/h.

This electric scooter is not approved for riding on the road in Mỹ. Remember that the regulation is 25 km/h maximum. Here, it is almost electric scooters with a respective weight of 31 kilos.

It owns a 35Ah 60V lithium battery that allows LS7 to travel up to 56 miles on a fully charged battery. So the distance is more than enough for your usual commute. Surely you will not need to charge this electric scooter battery every day before riding. But you need to charge the lithium battery which takes about 5 hours.

2.3. NANROBOT D5+ 2.0 With Seat

Fastest Electric Scooters for Sale

The Nanrobot D5 electric scooter stands out as one of the brand’s successes. It stands out above all of its particular design. Without even having to start the Nanrobot D5, you will be seduced by its remarkable finish. The aluminum tray is wide and very solid. According to Nanrobot, it can support a maximum load of 150 kg. The handlebar is attached to the tray by a junction mechanism which allows it to fold back on the latter when you decide to fold your Nanrobot D5. The handlebar is retracted in width, which facilitates the transport of the electric scooter. You can also increase its height to adapt it to your size. For long journeys, you can even fix the saddle on the platform. This increases driving comfort and saves you from fatigue. 

For your comfort, this scooter incorporates a very effective cushioning system. The Nanrobot D5 is equipped with 4 shock absorbers at the front and 2 others at the rear of the machine. These completely absorb the jolts when you ride on an uneven surface. When you add them to the two 10-inch tires on which the Nanrobot D5 rests, you get a very comfortable machine with very good adhesion to the ground. You can easily climb slopes up to 45°.

If the Nanrobot D5 has already seduces by its physical aspect, it is much more when you start it that you realize the full extent of its power and its capacities. The boot is done using a key, which gives you better insurance against theft. The Nanrobot D5 has an electronic locking system with a control. To prevent theft, you can activate your machine’s alarm. But before fully enjoying the performance of your electric scooter, you must recharge it for 10 to 12 hours. You can then benefit from up to 80 km of travel thanks to the 52V-26Ah lithium battery fitted to this model. You can monitor the remaining battery life thanks to an LED screen located on the handlebars. This screen also displays mileage and other useful information.

Whichever means of travel you use, your safety remains the top priority when you are on the road. If a good part of this security must be ensured by you by observing the safety instructions, the electric scooter that you drive must also be equipped with adequate equipment. Before hitting the road with your Nanrobot D5, make sure you wear a helmet to protect your head. Likewise, you should wear knee pads and elbow pads to protect your limbs. Regulations limit the speed to 25 km/h when you ride on an electric scooter in town.

The Nanrobot D5 electric scooter also incorporates the necessary safety equipment. It is equipped with a safe EBS disc brake system. This system includes a traction control component and an ABS anti-lock system. The combined action of these systems gives the Nanrobot D5 maximum braking performance and remarkable responsiveness. This gives you increased security, regardless of the type of soil (gravel, wet pavement, snow, ice, etc.).

Driving at night remains a difficult exercise. The risks are increased and the vision is quite limited. However, certain situations can lead you to ride your electric scooter at night. To help you with this exercise, the Nanrobot D5 electric scooter is equipped with efficient front and rear lighting. The headlight illuminates your journey and improves your vision. The rear lighting improves your visibility for other drivers. Turn signals placed on the tray alert other drivers when you turn.

To ensure a long lifespan for your Nanrobot D5 electric scooter, the manufacturer recommends not exceeding the maximum 12 hours of charge. So avoid recharging it without supervision. The waterproof level of this model is low, it is not advisable to drive it in the rain.


2.4. eDrift UH-ES295 2.0 Electric Fat Tire Scooter

Fastest Electric Scooters for Sale

The eDrift UH-ES295 2000w electric scooter has a mechanism to act as a vehicle from the future. This electric scooter is inspired by Harley and it is powered by a powerful 2000 watt motor and a 60 volt lithium-ion battery.

Its powerful engine is capable of providing you with a smooth journey and speeds up to 30 mph. However, the travel range of eDrift depends on the battery option you choose. You can choose between a 12ah, 20ah or 30ah battery for 20 miles, 40 miles or 65 miles with a full battery charge.

With this eDrift UH-ES295 electric scooter will have a long and very comfortable seat. What’s more is the wider floor and the front suspension for a smooth and stable ride. In addition, it also has hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, this helps it provide power when stopping unexpectedly. It is made of steel frame and 2+ HP electric motor, so it is capable of loading riders up to 350 lbs. Especially its oversized tire, this tire will bring outstanding traction that no other product can match, the tire is very stable and very unique. The eDrift 2.0 provides the comfortable riding style you would expect from an electric scooter with fat tires or big wheels.

In addition to the eDrift 2.0 electric scooter, it also comes with an intelligent alarm system, you have the right to start remotely without a key, the remaining battery level meter, the design has a left rearview mirror and right side and strong headlights.

2.5. NANROBOT D5+ 2.0 Foldable Lightweight

Best Lightweight Folding Electric Scooters

From the same manufacturer, the Nanrobot D4 and D5 electric scooters are very similar. Their main difference lies in their autonomy: the Nanrobot D5, a little more advanced, has a 52V 26AH lithium battery instead of a 52V 23AH lithium battery which allows it to have a better autonomy.

We have had the opportunity to compare many Nanrobot models, but the advantages are not always there, it is for this reason that you must look at the price of electric scooter, but also the top speed, the performances in function of the floor coverings and the ergonomics of the handlebars.

It offers a power of 2000 Watts for the engine, this allows to have a range of 80 km with the lowest speed. The top speed is appreciable within particular 65 km/h. It is easy to fold, you only need to lower the handlebar to the level of the tray. The tires are 10 inches, so you can rub all surfaces even slightly uneven roads.

The charging time is substantial since it takes 7 hours. It is quite long, but the autonomy remains substantial, you will not have to connect it regularly.

The Nanrobot D5 is therefore also powerful and robust. It also has good stability thanks to large tires (25 centimeters in diameter).

It is also easy to fold, but quite heavy (around 32 kilos) and has a removable seat, very useful for long journeys.

3. Why choose a fast electric scooter?

The electric scooter is a good way to get around town or in nature. Opting for a fast electric scooter is opting for high speed. So it will be ideal for going a bit far or having fun on the cyclist routes.

A fast electric scooter is also effective for making a dangerous little trip in nature or doing stunts on slopes in the forest. In addition, a fast electric scooter is also efficient for getting around town quickly. So that means it’s not just used for dangerous driving in the wilderness or in the forest.

4. Where can you buy a cheap fast electric scooter?

There are different ways to get a good deal by buying a cheap fast electric scooter.

You can first opt ​​for Amazon, which offers a multitude of models for very affordable prices.

Then you can also approach stores that can offer cheap prices based on the models of your choice. However, for better quality, second-hand fast electric scooters are not really recommended. This is because parts can be worn and the repair cost could rise as the cost of buying a new scooter.