Are there any laws regarding the use of hoverboards in the city?

No, there are no specific laws regarding the use of a hoverboard in the city. But that doesn’t mean there are no rules to follow. The use of a sidewalk Segway is authorized as a non-motorized vehicle, but must be limited to a speed of 6 km/h. No law regulates the wearing of helmets or specific protection. These are still widely recommended by manufacturers, as well as a suitable helmet. Driving your hoverboard on a bike path is not prohibited. The speed to be observed in this specific framework must be 24 km/h and the driver must be equipped with a helmet and suitable protection. In rural areas, nothing authorizes or prohibits the use of Mini Segways or the best hoverboards. It is therefore up to the user to exercise the necessary caution so as not to take unnecessary risks and adapt his speed to the circumstances.

1. What does the law say about hoverboards?

For skeptics, know that there is indeed a regulation concerning the use of the hoverboard! In some countries like Switzerland, hoverboards, like electric vehicles, are prohibited from driving on public roads, and the driver must justify a driving license!

In France, a decree of October 2019 has lifted the legal vagueness on the new individual electric vehicles (NVEI), which includes the hoverboard. The highway code has therefore been changed.

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The compulsory equipment is:

  • Front and rear lights;
  • Reflector;
  • Buzzer ;
  • Brakes;

In the absence of visibility, at night or in foggy weather for example, it is compulsory to wear reflective clothing. The driver of the vehicle must be at least 12 years old. He is prohibited from transporting passengers. The use of cycle lanes is authorized, in the direction of traffic only. In the absence of a cycle path or lane, the use of the roadway is authorized, in built-up areas only. On the other hand, no traffic on the sidewalks, at the risk of exposing you to a fine of € 135. The maximum speed is set at 25 km/h. Do not try to unleash your hoverboard, under penalty of receiving a fine of 1500 €!

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The law recommends that you wear protective clothing, especially for children. Wearing a helmet is also recommended, it is compulsory outside built-up areas. Please note, exceptions are possible. Each municipality can therefore set its own limits.

If you want to take the plane with your hoverboard, you will have to refer to the airport and / or company regulations because there are no regulations on this point. Be aware that lithium batteries may be subject to restriction, and that you will be limited in the number of batteries you can take depending on their power.

2. Hoverboard law in the United States

If you live in California, riding a hoverboard is illegal. However, after 2015, the Prop 64 of the California Council passed. This bill has allowed hoverboards to be legalized personal electronic vehicles, so people can ride them in the city. California hoverboard law states that riders must be at least 16 years old, must wear protective gear such as a helmet and travel less than 15 miles per hour. If the rider does not have appropriate safety equipment while using the hoverboard, the police may confiscate the rider’s hoverboard. Maybe this is a significant penalty because high quality hoverboards are quite expensive.

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What about racers who use hoverboards in Los Angeles? Proficient hoverboard riding is also a problem but hoverboard is easy to use. Hovering on public trains is illegal behavior. Pedestrians have complained about people riding on hoverboards, so hoverboards are prohibited on sidewalks and in corridors. With all of the restrictions on hoverboarding, it’s hard to enjoy a hoverboard in Los Angeles comfortably.

As for New York City riders, there was no hoverboard law at first. However, since the New York State Transportation Act 114-d has identified the hoverboard as a personal mobility device and it needs to be limited to public space. Hoverboard drivers in New York City must be licensed and registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you are caught riding on a non-authorized hoverboard, you may be fined up to $500. However, the average fine is from $200 to $250.