How Much Do Hoverboard Cost

Hoverboard is also known as self balancing scooter or 2 wheels electric scooter. If you are visiting our website to know more about the hoverboard. So, our website is full of information about self balancing scooters. We will provide you with full information about hoverboard. And if you want to buy a self balancing scooter, we have the best article for you. So, you should review and read the information in the whole article.

There will be questions coming to the minds of people, such as “How much is a hoverboard?” Or “How much do hoverboard cost?” Or “How much does a hoverboard cost?“. There are many types of hoverboards and brands that you may want to check out for the right price. Prices can range from several dozen to hundreds. The price of the hoverboard will depend on the functionality that the user needs.

Also you can find out about the hoverboard definition on wikipedia. A hoverboard is also called a “self balancing scooter” or “2 wheels electric scooter“. Therefore, the price of a hoverboard or a self balancing scooter can start at $ 200 or more.

Here is the list of best hoverboards:

The products we have listed have received good reviews from buyers. You can enjoy the comfort of driving a hoverboard. And have fun or moving around in an interesting way. In order to help you find the right ones for you, we have included specific details which show clearly the age ranges, skill levels, ride models, and weight.

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Why you must avoid cheap hoverboards?

If you are interested in purchasing a cheap hoverboard. Yes you will find cheap low quality replicas all over the internet. But why take the risk and save $100 or $200 and have this happen to you?  If you’re interested in the hoverboards, you must avoid low quality replicas. Their cheap parts and electronics are the exploding hazards you’ve seen on TV or Internet.

National Trading Standards (NTS) said 15,000 of the 17,000 self balancing scooters examined since October 15, 2015 had been detained. Mainly for having non-compliant electrical components that could explode or catch fire.

We are proud to propose to you products that use high quality batteries in all of our hoverboards. So, the cheap imitators you’ve seen on the news use low quality batteries that lack any sort of quality control or testing.

how much do hoverboard cost

What is a hoverboard? How much do hoverboard cost?

In this market, these self balancing scooters are of two types.

1. One wheel self balance scooter, also know as Unicycles.
2. Two wheels self balancing scooter

These electric vehicles are called self balancing scooters. They completely operate on the riders balance when traveling on the street. If you want to move forward, just lean forward. At this point, the hoverbard will automatically move forward. In contrast, you want to stop hoverboard, then you need to lean back.

How to ride a hoverboard?

How to ride a hoverboard? You ride this hoverboard very easily. You will feel very excited because they are two wheels self balancing scooter. So they will balance and move according to the movements of your body. If you want to move forward, you just lean forward. In contrast, you want to stop the hoverboard, you just lean back. If you want to turn left, just put your right foot forward. When you learn hoverboard riding is very fun and easy to do. Of course, it takes almost 15 minutes to become a real racer.

Standing Position 

how much do hoverboard cost

Stand straight on the hoverboard as shown in the image. Wear safety helmet.

Move Forward and Stop 

how much do hoverboard cost

Stand straight as shown in the first image and when moving forward or turning don’t lean side wards. To move forward lean as shown in the fourth image. To stop the vehicle simply lean backward.

how much do hoverboard cost

With the above images , one can get complete idea about how to ride self balancing scooter. Most of these scooters are very much convenient and comfortable. Be careful before selecting the best self balancing scooter.

What is a hoverboard price range ?

How much do hoverboard cost? These hoverboards price range vary from $200 to $1200 depending on the brand, size, quality and many other factors that we are going to see in the later part of the post. IO HAWK is very pricey hoverboard and it has its own mark with these models. So, prices vary depending on the models and colors for each of these hoverboard brands. Normally for a $400 price one can get a reasonable self balancing smart scooter with good features.

Prior to trying to ride your new scooter is a good idea to understand exactly

Who produces the best hoverboard?

To answer this one must know all the brands which produce these two wheels self balancing scooter. Consequently, few brands are mentioned below.

  • IO Hawk
  • Segway
  • Razor
  • Epikgo
  • Hoverheart
  • Swagtron
  • Mega Wheels
  • NHT
  • Hoverzon
  • Phunkee Duck
  • Erover
  • Smart Chic
  • Airborne
  • Zyrodrone
  • Moonet
  • Nine Bot
  • Monorover
  • Likary
  • Wonfast
  • Wallygadgets
  • Swagway
  • Segway

What are the specifications of each self balancing smart scooter and do they mean ?

These two wheels self balancing scooter have different type specifications compared to regular vehicles, as their design is completely different. What are they?

Degrees Of Cornering Or Turning Radius

Usually when going on roads , when you need to turn to left or right, you need to corner the vehicle to either side to get the sufficient turning radius. But with these self balancing scooters, the turning radius is zero. So one can turn easily from the place rider is standing without the need for any cornering.

Climbing Angle

All roads may not be flat and even. Some have few bumps in them. So if a vehicle is not able to pass those bumps, it will be useless. These self balancing electric scooter can climb up to 15 degrees elevation easily. Consequently, this 15 degrees is just a minimal number and some hoverboards can climb even 20 degrees elevation , based on the model.

Battery Capacity

For these type of hoverboard battery capacity is on the scale Kilometers per full charge. So, the battery capacity of these hoverboard range from 15 KM to 25 KM per full charge. The average capacity of a normal hoverboard  is 20 KM per full charge


Load is the weight of the rider riding the two wheels self balancing scooter. So capacity of these self balancing smart scooters range from 20 KG to 120 KG. Many of these hoverboard have maximum range of 100KG. But few high end hoverboards have 120KG maximum load capacity.

Top Speed

The top speed of self balancing electric scooter is 12 KMPH. Many models have 10KMPH as top speed but few 2 wheels electric scooter can go up to 12 KMPH.


Weight of these self balancing scooter is 10 KG. This makes it extremely comfortable to carry on your back. So no parking problem with these vehicles. Easy to carry.